Saturday, July 08, 2006

RRRRRRRoyce CLAY--TON!!!! Heh Heh!!

Nats320 The only thing really nice about tonight's 5-2 Loss to the San Diego Padres at RFK Stadium was the delight from our section and the crowd of our French Cajun RRRRRoyce Clay--TON Cheer that seemed to have everybody laughing and enjoying. Its also been nice to see that, after one and a half seasons of Nats Baseball at RFK, the PA announcer and music arranager have finally realized that WHENEVER JOSE GUILLEN comes to the plate, you must play the JOSE Song! Its even better that the scoreboards along and first and 3rd base lines put up the words. Just gotta love that!!

Also, in the crowd of over 27,000 tonight was our illustrious President, George W Bush and First Lady, Laura. First game for "W" this season after attending 2 games in 2005, and this was the first game for the First Lady ever at RFK. And since they sit in a box just above us to the right in the Mezzanine, YOU CAN BET THEY HEARD EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR CHEERS AND CHANTS!! How cool is that!!

There was an older couple sitting in the "GO TO" seats in the front row of our section. those 2 in front of Andy's seats. They told me that WE MADE THEIR NIGHT!! Our enthusiasm made the game so much more enjoyable. Lisa, one of the ladies from Andrews Air Force Base, sitting next to me, had a girlfriend with her tonight and she also said we make the game more fun even when the games not too interesting. We were just a riot!!

I like to know what "W" thought of us, as 2 Secret Service Agents were standing by our section in the early part of the game.

Finally, Sohna was pissed that one of the NatPack guys told her on friday night that she would do the Southwest Flyaway tonight. And of course she would pick her love, Alfonso Soriano. For whatever reason, the NatPack did not come by and Soriano hit the very first pitch of the game RIGHT OUT OF THE PARK in the bottom of the first. Sohna was beside herself. She really wants those 2 free tickets anywhere on Southwest.

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