Friday, July 14, 2006

My Head Is Spinning

All the Roster Moves by the Nationals over the past 28 hours is mind boggling. First the well reported 5 for 3 player trade with the Reds. Nats call up Roy Corcoran from New Orleans to fill a bullpen hole. Then, Marlon Byrd is designated for assignment, clears waivers, accepts a minor league assignment to New Orleans. Nats sign Luis Matos to be the 4th outfielder, off waivers from the Orioles. Nats then place Brandon Watson on minor league waivers and he is picked up by, surprise, THE CINCINNATI REDS--And, as Farid at TheBeltwaysBoys so shrewdly pointed out, we need to thank Reds GM Wayne Krivisky for "taking out the trash". Love that comment and its right on the ball. Watson was a terrible player, which really makes you wonder about Jimbo and Frank. Then, our Nationals place John Patterson on the DL with that right forearm strain, and call up Kevin Gryboski from New Orleans. Not likely to see JP pitch for quite a while. The Nats medical staff will probably now diagnois something needing
surgery. How bad can our pitching possibly get over the next 2 months, unless some more trades are made? Finally, Bowden buys back off waivers, Chris Booker, a 29 year old minor league journeyman that was taken from the Nats by the Phillies in the Rule V draft last winter and then claimed by the Royals, who made an effort to move him off the 40 man roster, making him elgible to return to Washington. Booker will, most likely, never wear a Nats uniform. Totally a career minor leaguer.
So, since the tuesday night All Star game the Nats have swapped out 20% of their 25 man roster. And, it would not be unlikely to see another 5 gone by July 31st.
The Lerner/Kasten group is going to have to republish an updated Media Guide really soon.

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