Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trading Deadline Blues

4-6 weeks ago, I was very hopeful that the Nationals could trade Jose Vidro, Jose Guillen and Livan Hernandez and receive the decent young players the Nats need to build a winning franchise. Today, I just can't see anybody trading the Nats anything useful, long term. Very despressed about the Nats right now.
Vidro shows no range in the field, and little at the plate with the game on the line. Now, Vidro has nagging injuries to his knee and hamstrings.
Guillen continues to play, claiming he's OK, then gets hurt, again, and claims he just being a man about it. Last night, he reinjured his right elbow on a terrible throw and was removed from the game in the second inning. I was sure he had been traded when Alex Escobar was sent out onto the field for Guillen. The Diva outfielder has knocked in a few runs lately, but he's made it very hard to continue singing the "JOSE" song with his terrible 2006 campaign.
Livo finally admitted his surgically repaired knee has bothered him all year. Hernandez has no command of any of his pitches. Why would anyone want him?? Expensive and Damaged.

So, where does that leave the Nationals with 12 Days remaining before the July 31st deadline.

As much as I love Alfonso Soriano--He's a legitimate Game Changing Impact Player, Soriano has got to be traded. Rumors are that the Tigers, Angels, Yankees and Mariners have a keen interest, with the Dodgers waiting in the wings. But, what is very, very clear, is that Jim Bowden, in trading Fonzie, must get, in return, 2 legitimate, can't miss, pitching prospects and an everyday player. The future of the Nationals with Jimbo in charge is riding on this. Bowden has got to get it right. If nothing outstanding is offered, don't trade Alfonso.

I am not a big Jim Bowden fan, I feel he has made many mistakes, self promotes himself too much, depleted what little excess talent he inherited for little return. We have a team with no life right now. The future on the Nationals is on the line. Time to see results. Its all given me the Trading Deadline Blues.

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