Wednesday, July 05, 2006

All-Stars and Jim Bowdon

With the All-Star game, people love to talk about those who made it and didn't make it. Some feel that by requiring all teams to have a player only adds to the list of those who deserve to be there and are not. Does Mark Redman 5-4 w-l 5.59 era deserve to be there more than Justin Verlander 10-4 w-l 3.01 era just to have all the teams represented? Others may say the Manager has a lot to do with it. Magglio Ordonez isn't on the team even though only 2 starters (Manny and Big Papi) have more RBI's. It is no secret Ozzie Guillen has had his issues with him. How can the Tigers with with the best record in baseball have less players then the White Sox? How can Nomah not be on the team when he is hitting .360!!! I could go on and on....

Jim Bowdon decided to throw his 2 cents in this morning in the DC Examiner:
Bowdon contends that fans shouldn't select the starters, but one player at each position. He thinks the GM's should choose the rest of the team (because thats what they get paid to do) and the managers should pick the starters. He also contends that every team shouldn't be represented and that there should always be a DH. He feels that putting DH's on the ballot at other positions knocks players that might deserve to be voted in off the Ballot (ie Kevin Youkilis)
Although his argument about having a separate ballot position for DH's has merit, the rest seems to be typical Bowdon. I think Screech's Best Friend will agree.

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Screech's Best Friend said...

I think its ridiculous that a player should be named from every team. Last weekend, when the Devil Rays were in town, did anyone remember that Travis Harper was Tampa's selection 2 season ago. I doubt it!! The fan voting has its problems due to ballot stuffing at parks and that anyone can sign up online 25 times per email address. How is that possibly fair? Since the illustrious Commissioner, Bud Selig, decided to make the All Star Game a Decider for home field advantage in the World Series, General Managers and Managers should pick the team, not fans. The game means something and the best team should be available. Not Mark Redman from the Kansas City Royals or some of the other mediocre talent, both young and old, that get into the game every single year .