Thursday, July 20, 2006

Here We Go!! AGAIN??!!###

One day before the so called "Grand Re-Opening" of RFK Stadium by the new Lerner/Kasten Group and the much ballyhooed "Paint The Town Red" Promotions, Major League Baseball has declared, according to The Washington Post, that The DC Government is in Default on the New Stadium Lease Agreement!! In fact, MLB states the District has failed to meet 11 provisions in the Construction Agreement. The most startling is that our beloved DC Government has failed to turn over paperwork with the signed lease details and proof that the city actually contains the title of the land the new stadium is being built on in SW.
The entire story can be read at this link:

UNBELIEVABLE!! Is all I can say. I am sick and tired of all this crap. Outside of the dwindling fan base, does anyone really care about the Washington Nationals!! Once again, petty bickering over little league stuff is hurting the franchise. MLB remains officially in charge. And, as you can tell in the Washington Post story, Stan Kasten, is getting mighty uptight about.

One day before the fun was suppose to begin in earnest, HERE WE GO AGAIN??!!## I can't tell you how much I am holding back.

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