Monday, July 10, 2006

Some Sharp Business Acumen

Today's Press Conference by Stan Kasten about the "Grand ReOpening" of RFK Stadium shows how good this guy is going to be at President of the Washington Nationals. Starting July 25, and for the remainder of the season--1,000 upper deck outfield yellow seats will be $3. 1,000 upper deck outfield dark pink seats will be $5. The Capitol View Terrace between the 300 and 400 levels behind home plate will be a new Food Court with local vendors selling all their wares. And open to everyone. More portable food stalls will be placed around the stadium. And food prices will GO DOWN!! Including a team meal of a hot dog, chips and soda for $7.50. All vendors, ushers, security and ticket taking personal will be trained to be NICER??!! And, Aramark, the food contractor, must bring in their top people from other parks to get their act in order. Also, the stadium will be completely powerwashed, painted. Nats Banners on all light poles. All Flowerbeds replanted and, my favorite, A RED/BLUE Netting will be drapped across the Main Entrance in Nats colors to spiffy up the place. All are good things, including a Kosher Stand, directly behind section 320.
Here's a short list of all the food/stadium upgrades:



Beautification of Stadium Landscape (re-planted flower beds)
Team-Colored (Red and Blue) Tennis Court Netting around main entrance to Stadium
Washington Nationals Light Pole Banners throughout Stadium grounds
Upgraded carpet, furniture and TV’s for Player Clubhouse

Opening of the Terrace Food Court (formerly the Capitol View Terrace), featuring two – four themed food concepts from the local area and a casual gathering location for beverages
Addition of three new grill locations on the 200 (1) and 500 (2) levels
Conversion of grill cart on the 200 level to feature: Half Smokes, Bratwurst, White Bockwurst, and Red Hot
Expansion of current offerings throughout the stadium; Red Hot & Blue (500 level outfield), Papa John’s Pizza (500 Level Outfield), and Glatt Kosher Stand (200 Level 3rd Base)
Addition of portable stands throughout the stadium that will feature Fresh Popped Popcorn, Micro Brews, and Ice Cream Machines
Expanded services for Diamond Club and Suite ticket holders
Addition of menu items at concessions stands throughout the stadium:
Cheese Steaks
Half Smokes
Red Hot Dogs
Abels and Heyman All Beef Hot Dogs
Neshama Spicy Italian Sausage
Potato Knish
Brown Mustard

I am really liking these guys. They are going to make the game more fun. Also included will be better video and music, and in game entertainment. I guess the President Bobblehead Race is out the door. Lerner/Kasten know you have to be accomodating and welcoming to get the non serious baseball fans into the park. This is a very good start for the NEW NATS!!


Ben Folsom said...

I also bout fell over when I read they were lowering prices and going to be trying harder for more fun. Almost like they are speaking a different language.

Ben Folsom said...

From Peter Angelos that is.

RallyTime Richard said...

some play-by-play in the restrooms would be an excellent addition