Saturday, July 08, 2006

Stan Kasten

As new President of the Washington Nationals, Stan Kasten says he wants everyone that attends a Nationals game to go home enjoying the nights events. For the past month, he has been seen all over RFK Stadium checking out the game experience and has said, on numerous occaisions, that he wants to hear ALL the fan input. In tonight's 3-2 lost to San Diego at RFK, Kasten happened to be standing in the portal just to the left of section 320 between the 8th and 9th innings. As he was looking at his blackberry, I yelled over to him "Mr. Kasten" he replied "Please call me Stan!!" So I said, "Stan, on your TO DO LIST, (and he's still looking down at his blackberry) does it include trading away Damian Jackson??!! Stan looked up immediately and laughed mightily!! But he didn't deny it. Then he yelled back, "Damian's my main man!!" laughing the entire time. Kentucky Rob agreed with me that Stan wasn't denying my wish. Say Hey Klib then cornered Kasten for a brief moment in the tunnel. It was funny his response to my question. Made my night.

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Say Hey Klib said...

Just a quick addition. I invited Kasten to join us. He said he was waiting for his daughter and wife (presumably to beat the ruch leaving. It was the 8th inning after all). But if we we here on Saturday he might try to come by section 320.