Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Soriano Update!

While driving home from work tonight and listening to WTOP radio, Craig Heist, covering the All Star Game in Pittsburgh, bagged a one on one interview with Alfonso Soriano. As is typical of most sports reporters, they just feed generic softball questions: "How do you feel?" "What's it like seeing all these players?" Crap like that, and that's exactly what Heist asked him, but the final answer to his last question was telling and infuriating at the same time!! Craig asked Alfonso if he was looking forward to the second half of the season? Soriano, in his broken english, but clearly understandable, restated what was reported by many sources early last week. Alfonso said: "Yeah, I want to finish the year in Washington. And, I want to work on a way to return next season and beyond. I like it here." But, Heist, being a dump jock sports reporter with no in depth talent then said "Thanks alot, That's Alfonso Soriano, Nationals All Star" He makes no attempt to further the story. No journalism. NO "WHAT WOULD IT TAKE TO GET YOU TO STAY HERE?" NO "HAVE YOU TALKED TO STAN KASTEN OR JIM BOWDEN" NO "WHO ON THE TEAM DO YOU NEED TO STAY, INSTEAD OF TRADING?"" NO" DOES YOUR AGENT WANT YOU TO STAY HERE?'' NO "DO YOU APPRECIATE THE FAN SUPPORT AT RFK?" Or even- "HOW GREAT IS IT TO LIVE IN THE NATION'S CAPITOL!!"

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW UP ON!! IDIOT!! Soriano was there for the taking and Craig Heist blew it BIG TIME!! I am in the Media, but Sport Reporters are bozo's who just want to see a free game. I was furious.

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Anonymous said...

You are in the media? What kind of media? I counted at least a half dozen spelling and grammatical errors in your post. If you are going to insult someone's journalistic ability, maybe you should make sure yours is up to par first.