Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hate is a harsh word to use. DC had an apparent solid 5-1 lead early this night. But The Florida Marlins surely give The African Queen and I the ability to dislike them ever so greatly. Does any one team or one player, outside of Ryan Howard of The Philadelphia Phillies, crush Our Washington Nationals more than The Florida Marlins and Hanley Ramirez? No lead is EVER SAFE against The Fish. Ramirez is such fine hitter, he golfed a Craig Stammen pitch so low and on the outside corner of home plate in the bottom of the 6th for a two run homer--you just had to give Hanley credit for his talent. The same skill Ramirez used to sock another outside pitch from Joe Beimel for the game winning two run single tonight before The SKIES unloaded with rain in the 7th frame tonight at Land Shark Stadium.

What is it with The Marlins?

The New York Mets have always dominated Our Washington Nationals. Yet, of late, The Florida Marlins OWN US!! The 8th straight victory over DC's Team in as many games scheduled in 2009.

Craig Stammen was beaten by a professional hitter known as Hanley Ramirez during the 6th frame tonight at Land Shark Stadium. He was also hurt by three key errors by Ryan Zimmerman and another by Josh Willingham with the bases loaded in the key final frame with Joe Beimel on the mound in the bottom of the 7th. Washington most always needs to play perfect baseball to win. And this evening--this rain shorted game epitomized Our Nats shortcomings. Not only is no lead ever safe, but our young pitching is inexperienced and needs to learn from their mistakes. Stammen was good, but just not good enough. Our Number 35 needs to take a lesson from tonight. Craig needs to understand how to pitch WITH THE LEAD--minimize the damage--take the control back in every frame. Pitch as if you are behind.

Another advantage which Our Washington Nationals let get away again this evening in wet and humid South Florida.

Adam Dunn's 20th Homer and eventual three RBI's didn't matter. An early four run lead didn't matter. A Rookie Starter in Stammen that could control most every Florida Batter not named Hanley Ramirez didn't matter. And the rains that eventually stopped this game probably didn't matter as well. We found another way to lose--this time to an All-Star.

Our Washington Nationals were again defeated tonight for the 53'rd time in 75 games because they couldn't minimize a great player in Hanley Ramirez. And they let what certainly has become a mental block--The Florida Marlins--get the best of them even when The Fish were down early--and big.

Final Score from that ridiculously named Land Shark Stadium where the very day The Marlins move into their retractable roof new ballpark at The Old Orange Bowl Site in Little Havana--MLB will have truly arrived in Miami--The Florida (soon to be, and thankfully, Miami) Marlins 7 and Our Washington Nationals 5 in another rain shortened game.

Yes, hate is a harsh word. So for these purposes, The African Queen and I will call The Fish--Irritants.

They really are pests.

Tonight's InGame Photos--Lynne Sladky (AP)

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