Friday, June 05, 2009

Ladies Night--June 4th, 2009

While Randy Johnson was attempting to clinch his 300th Career Victory on the field at Nationals Park, nearly 1000 ladies, and some men, were on the Rooftop Party Deck of Garage B attending Ladies Night. Held at least once per year by Our Washington Nationals beginning in 2007 at RFK Stadium, Ladies Night has grown into one of DC's Baseball Team's biggest attractions. Yesterday's Happy Hour--scheduled for 4:30PM went on as planned despite the rain and the subsequent forced doubleheader between Washington and The San Francisco Giants--beginning at the same time.

Although some were torn over watching History over Fun, there was a way to do both. Like watching from a rooftop above and behind Wrigley Field in North Chicago, The Rooftop Party Deck provides a wonderful overview of Nationals Park and the playing field. Close enough to actually hear the crack of the bat. It didn't take long for The African Queen and many attendees to take advantage of both attractions.

Watch the baseball game.

Attempt to ride a mechanical bull.

Then get a message.

Eat some Hard Times Cafe Chili Nachos.

Then get your finger nails polished.

Chow down on some finger foods.

Wash it down with some wine, beer, soft drinks or Honest Ade Teas.

While chatting and enjoying some good times with friends.

As usual--Dwayne Herndon and his staff from Noah's Pretzels were on top Garage B handing out salted and cinnamon Curly "W" Pretzels.

Jewelry, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Curly "W" Ties and "Get Your Green On" Reusable Tote Bags from The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation--some of the shopping items available for purchase.

The mechanical bull was a fundraiser for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. $10 donations asked to test your endurance riding the saddle.

Although Sohna and some of the other ladies she talked to felt the music played by Fresh 94.7FM was flat and uninspiring--not good dance music to hop to. In fact, when requests were made for specific songs, the DJ didn't respond favorably to their choices of music.

The Second & Final Ladies Night of 2009 will take place on Thursday, August 20th when The Colorado Rockies visit Nationals Park.

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NatsGuy said...


In response to you. I did not say the sky was falling. I just feel that the franchise has become the laughing stock of sports and the fault lies at the owners door. I suggest you read the Tom Boswell column. Yesterday during the MLB broadcast the announcers were laughing about the lack of attendance in Washington. That is something we used to do about Tampa and Florida.

Obviously something is greatly wrong and the Lerners need to do something before you and a few others are the last ones watching the game like in 1971.

As far is the sky is falling its just a game and I do have a few things to worry about besides "whining" about a currently very bad baseball franchise. But there is a point when people have to get their heads out of the sand.

I long for the days of 2005, that was good baseball and the Lerners could have learned a lot from those days.

Kenny G said...

Caps had the same problem in 2007 I believe... but they cleaned house, brought in some new coaches, and look at where they are now. Sure, they're golfing, but at least they were in the playoffs.

Steve Walker said...


Nice column on Ladies Night - In D.C., a town full of wealthy, independent, successful women, marketing to the ladies is smart. The Post lavished praise on the Baltimore Ravens for doing the same thing, no similar words the Nats, though. No bias there, right?

Bur I digress -- maybe you could consider doing a piece about what the Nationals have to do to (1) improve the team and (2) repair their image in the DC Metro area. I think (1) will help (2).

My thoughts:

-- sign a true CF and leadoff man (keep Bernadina for insurance, but don't count on him).

-- move Willingham to full-time 1B (I'm assuming Nick Johnson gets traded or is not re-signed) to keep the seat warm until Marrero arrives

-- sign or trade for a young, good fielding SS (Gonzalez may already be able to do this, but wouldn't count on it) to take over for Guzman next year around June-July

-- sign a quality vet starting pitcher to teach the youngin's

-- sign a proven closer and move Hanrahan out or to RH set-up. (try Clippard as a closer, maybe, but don't count on him)

-- sign a LH vet back-up catcher is Schneider a FA after 2009?) to back up Flores

-- sign ALL draft picks, including the two first rounders

That's a long list, but I think the Nats really need all that to become competitive.

For marketing, the Lerner's need to come out in public, apologize for the state of the team, commit to keeping the Nats in DC for the next 50 years, and map out their plan for the way forward, including letting Kasten and whoever the GM ends up being run the baseball operations with autonomy.

Just my thoughts...would love to hear yours in a column format where you could really expound on your views.

janet said...

While improving the team is crucial, I think the ballpark experience can be considered separately. At this point, the concessions don't have a reputation for being efficient and available. Once that it addressed, that will be a help to the image.

The other thing that comes to mind is handling games in inclement weather. I don't know where the balance is between the complexities of the schedule vs. the condition of the field and the comfort and convenience of the fans, but if watching a game at the ballpark is a miserable experience (and waiting to find out if there will be a game to watch is worse) -- that doesn't help the attendance.

paul said...


I am dying to hear your opinion of last night's tenth inning and the comments afterward.

For the umpteenth time, Manny did not have a reliever ready when necessary, with Wright coming up with 2 on. Wright is an excellent fastball hitter, and as we have seen lately, Joel and his manager have lost confidence in his offspeed pitch as an out pitch, especially with runners on base.

Then, after the game, Manny stating that Joel threw *too many* sliders!? In the immortal words of John McEnroe, you can't be serious.

But what to do? Stan has never been a middle-of-the-season fire guy. He and the Lerners are preferring to let Manny twist in the wind, along with the players and the fans. Usually I would agree that a midseason switch is one of panic, etc., as was the move with St. Claire, but I can't imagine management justifiably sticking with Manny much longer. It is absolutely excruciating what is (not) happening in his mind during the games.

John R. said...

Some of Stephen's suggestions are worth considering, but I would rather keep Nick Johnson and Christian Guzman on the team, than gamble on new players over proven players.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Was there any GOOD reason ever given by the Nationals for not re-signining Livan Hernandez?

Anonymous said...

The Nats traded Livan for Garret Mock & Matt Chico in 2006, I believe, but, as you suggest, it would have been a smart move to sign him as a free agent this season to win back some fans. I'm not sure he's a good role model for young pitchers, though. Some writers question his work habits...but not his talent.

However, he started hot for the Twins last year and faded badly once the weather got hot and his warning track fly outs became homers.