Tuesday, June 30, 2009

6:35PM Friday Start At Nationals Park

Good thing The African Queen and I are paying attention to Charlie Slowes & Dave Jageler on WFED. Both last night and this evening, they reminded us that this friday night's game at Nationals Park versus The Atlanta Braves begins at 6:35PM--not 7:05PM. Honestly, we would have not noticed the time change on our season tickets. And as far as we can recall--Our Washington Nationals did not make any specific statement about this 6:35PM Start on July 3rd. At least some word that stood out among the usual releases.

Odd Time. We would love to know why?

Thanks Charlie & Dave!! We owe you two!!


An Briosca Mor said...

Probably because Friday is a federal holiday and they have a 1:00 game the next day. An extra half hour of sleep for the team.

Anonymous said...

And, if they can stay out of extra innings and there are no rain delays, a good chance of getting the fireworks show in before the curfew.

Anonymous said...

We heard it was due to the fireworks display, and not wanting to mess up the chance to get it off.

Frustrated said...

I guess the early start is to save time for the fireworks, especially if the game goes extra innings.