Monday, June 01, 2009

The Casting Call

Yeah, we went, but there really wasn't much to the audition. They are looking for faces to fill a crowd scene.

Our Washington Nationals sent out an email to season ticket holders last week mentioning that anyone wishing to audition for an "Extra" role in the upcoming movie "How Do You Know?" starring Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson were invited to Nationals Park this afternoon between 4PM and 8PM. Those chosen would be part of a background scene to be shot at The South Capitol Street Ballpark on June 12th. The leftfield bullpen will be used (as The Nationals) and the extras will sit in the seats directly above that bullpen.

No information was provided on what exactly will happen on the set.

The African Queen and I arrived at approximately 3:15PM and there were maybe 50 other folks in front of us. Central Casting opened up the Left Field Gate early--about 3:40PM. Guessing--maybe 75 people were in line at that time. Once inside Nationals Park, everyone had to fill out an information voucher--name, address, contact information, SAG (Screen Actors Guild) or not--height, weight, shirt, pants and shoe sizes.

Then once completed, Sohna and I went to a second line where a Central Casting Employee took our information and asked for a personal picture to include in the packet. Finally, we were informed the director of the movie would look over all the information and pictures provided and choose those he felt would fill the background scene well.

Digital photos were taken by Central Casting Staff as you left the park with the usual name placard written in front--sort of like a mug shot.

Youngest possible "Extra" we saw was 4-Year Old Ella, on site with her dad--Eric--a regular reader of Nats320.

That was it. Sweet and Simple.

Those chosen will be notified sometime over the next week for the 10 to 12 hour shoot on Friday June 12th--maybe carrying over to the 13th.

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Susan Jackson said...

Great to meet you both at the "auditions" yesterday. I pop in regularly to read your blog...always a good read and more informative than any paper or magazine...and definitely more interesting! Keep up the blogging and hope to see you both during the filming!!

Susan Jackson

Anonymous said...

Randy St. Claire fired?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Yes, it is apparently true.

Eric said...

SBF -- it was great meeting you and TAQ yesterday at the casting call. Hope we get to see yout two again shortly.

-- Eric (aka Ella's dad)