Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Drew Storen Media Availability

Around 9:15PM last evening, Drew Storen, Our Washington Nationals 2nd 1st Round Pick of 2009 (10th Overall) was available via conference call from his parents home in Brownsburg, Indiana. The Draft Eligible Sophomore just completed his second year of play at Stanford University where he complied a combined 12-4 Win/Loss Record with 15 Saves and an ERA of 3.64 in 59 appearances. In 99 total innings pitched, Drew struck out 116 opposing batters while allowing just 23 walks. Drafted out of high school by The New York Yankees in 2007, Storen turned down The Bronx Bombers offers to attend Stanford.

With that here is the complete transcript of Drew Storen's Media Availability:

Question: How are you feeling right now and what’s going through your mind?

“I am just really excited to be a National. It’s exactly what I wanted. And it’s just great to be home, spending time with my family and friends. It’s kind of all a dream right now. I am still thinking I am going to wake up at some point.”

Question: Everyone is saying you could be in The Big Leagues later this year. How do you feel about that?

“I am really excited and I hope that would be true. But at the same time, I know that I am ready to start pitching and hopefully can prove to them that I can be a contributor and help them win at The Big League Level. That has been my goal all year--to be able to put myself in that position where I can help someone out in the same year.”

Question: I know you were out at Nationals Park some time ago, describe what that was like, who you met and the whole process there?

“It was awesome. I went to RFK a couple of years back and was able to see a game there. And being able to come in and see the new stadium was great. I got to go behind the scenes and come out into the dugout. Anytime you can be on a Big League Field is a great experience. I got to go out there and meet everybody, from Mr. Rizzo on and it was great to see. It’s a great stadium, I loved it. And I was able to throw in the bullpen--so it was a lot of fun.”

Question: Do you expect to sign quickly?

“I don’t know. It’s not something I have thought about yet. It’s something my advisor is going to handle.”

Question: Can you talk about your last couple of years at Stanford?

“This has been a great experience for me all around. I was able to grow a lot, playing against great competition in The Pac-10. I had some great teammates that I learned a lot from. This year didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. This is a great day (Draft Day), but it would be just as great getting ready to play in Omaha (College World Series). So, it didn’t turn out well, but it was still fun. Those guys are my best friends. It’s been a great two years. Like I said, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Question: We have been told you have the repertoire to be starter. Is your ultimate goal just to remain as a closer?

“I have told teams all along, I don’t really have a preference. I feel I have the ability to do both and I think that is something out of my control. If The Nationals want me to be a starter, I can do that. If they want me to be a closer, or middle relief guy, I can do that too. I am just the type of guy that just likes being out there and facing hitters. If I am pitching, I am happy—that’s really what it comes down to.”

Question: When did you get the sense The Nationals were going to be your destination?

“I didn’t really know for sure until my name was actually said by The Commissioner. I had an idea but I didn’t really know for sure. So, I kind of like that actually. It was a little more dramatic that way. It was pretty intense there for a second. I really can’t describe the feeling.”

Question: Do you know Jack McGeary? What is your history with him?

“Jack and I played in some showcases in high school. We worked out at the same schools. We went to visits together at Georgia Tech and Stanford. We were still friends when we went to Stanford and he was actually my roommate this past year. And he left, obviously early, to play ball. And we are planning to be roommates next year. So, him and I are really good friends. We are real tight. We’ve been talking and I am excited. Everything appears to be working out perfectly. He’s one of my best friends and I am excited for things to come.”

Question: Do you know or have ever met Strasburg?

“No I haven’t. I joke around saying I am a Facebook friend with him. But that is about it. I have never met him or talked to him.”

Question: Who is your advisor?

“Brodie Van Wagenen, the same one that Jack has (and also Ryan Zimmerman).”

Question: Where were you when your name was called (in the draft) and who were you surrounded by?

“I am actually in my parents house in Brownsburg, Indiana. We had at least 30 people over—family and friends—sitting in the basement watching it. When Commissioner Selig walked up to the podium, it sort of got quiet. He said my name. I just kind of dropped my head. My Dad was real excited and everybody exploded in cheers. From then on until now—my phone has been going off the hook. It’s pretty unbelievable.”

Question: Who was the loudest of the group?

“I don’t really know. There were so many people in there. It sort of got to that level where I don’t think anybody stuck out over anybody else.”

Question: I promised not to bring this up, but anyway, in his only appearance again you (Trent) Green (USC) got the better of you this year.

“Yeah he did. I had to deal with a lot of home runs this year. That is something you are just going to do. It’s not something I worry about, really. He’s a good hitter and I believe he got a couple of hits off me in The Cape (Cod League) this year. He’s a good hitter and I guess I did my part of helping him out.” (laughing)

Question: Do you know where you are going to be assigned this year?

“I don’t. I have no idea.”

Question: Have you been in contact with The Nationals?

“Nothing serious. Mr. Rizzo called me about five minutes after and I got to talk to him for a second. He said congrats and I told him how excited I was about it and how happy I was—and that was about it. I am sure they will be in contact again in the next couple of days.”

Question: What are your plans tonight?

“Not sure, just returning phone calls.”

Question: You do plan some sort of celebration?

“I have not really thought about it, to be perfectly honest with you. I am just going to hang out at the house, my friends are still here—hang out and relax.”

Question: When you expect something that you have been hoping for, for a long time, was this expectation more or less?

“Well, it’s more than I expected. I went into the whole thing making myself not expect a thing. I went into this with an open mind. I knew, regardless of what happened, even if I got picked in the 48th round—then I still would be happy. Then, I would still have the opportunity to play professional baseball if I wanted to and I could still go back to Stanford—if I wanted to. I didn’t have any expectations going into it. I kept an open mind about everything and I understood the process. I really didn’t have any control over whatever was going to happen. Expecting anything else would have ruined the experience. And this was beyond what I expected, and it still is. I am still riding it out right now and I have never been happier—that is for sure.”

Question: I know you turned down a fairly large bonus coming out of high school. If you don’t mind, can you look back on that now? How do you feel about that decision in retrospect?

“Obviously, looking back now, it was a great decision. Being a draft eligible sophomore it gave me more flexibility and I learned so much in the two years I was at Stanford. At that time (previously), The Yankees it was a good fit for me because they understood the position I was in. It wasn't a really serious negotiation. It was sort of laid back. It was kind of what I wanted. They knew it was going to be tough to get me out of Stanford. It was a good learning experience to go through that. I have to say today, this is about 10 times better than that.”

Question: Are you going to be able to get your degree?

“Yes. That’s one of the reasons I picked Stanford. I wanted to get my Product Design Degree. I plan to go back at some point to do it since that was a big reason why I decided to go there.”

Question: You collect hats and bobbleheads, can you see yourself with your own bobblehead now?

“Actually, I already have my own bobblehead because in my art class in Junior High, I made one. (laughter) But I would like to have one that someone else makes. And one that will be a little better made than my own.”

Question: How many bobbleheads do you think you have?

“I don’t know. At one point when I counted when I was younger, I had every single Major League Team Cap. And at one point, I know I had over 100 hats, as a matter of fact. I went through some of them and got rid of them.”

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