Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Few Fine Memories

In his brief career as a Major League Pitcher for Our Washington Nationals, Mike O'Connor started in two of the most famous games played since Baseball Returned To The Nation's Capital. Upon hearing of his trade yesterday to The San Diego Padres, remembering those moments were fun.

On Father's Day, Sunday June 18th, 2006 before the largest crowd to ever witness a Major League Game in The District of Columbia, 45,157 watched as Mike O'Connor held The New York Yankees in check for seven strong innings. Allowing just one run on four hits, The George Washington University Graduate kept Our Washington Nationals in a tight ball game--setting up Ryan Zimmerman's WONDEROUS home run off Chien-Ming Wang in the bottom of the 9th--sending The Old Ballyard on East Capitol Street into a frenzy!!

The Signature Moment In Our Washington Nationals Young History.

Thrilling, just like the near midnight start for a September 28th game in 2006 against The Philadelphia Phillies. Being the last week of the season, Major League Baseball forced play despite torrential rains all night long. Philadelphia was still in the playoff hunt. Mike O'Connor toed the rubber at RFK and threw the first pitch at 11:32PM. The beginning of one of the most memorable nights/early morning enjoyable baseball games Sohna and I will ever attend.

That game was special. Few were left in attendance to witness. Mostly all were Philly Fans. And Old Section 320 was flat out ROCKING. Although not involved again in the final decision--O'Connor pitched five strong innings--allowing just one unearned run. Nothing beat watching Philadelphia's Faithful slowly, dejectedly, walking out of RFK Stadium after Washington held on late to win 3-1 at 2:30 In The Morning. A DC Victory that sent The Phillies home, eliminated from post-season play.

In Washington, DC, Mike O'Connor had a fleeting Major League Career. Now blocked from returning to Our 40-Man Roster by an ever younger & talented staff, The African Queen and I are pleased Mike will get another shot to return to The Big Leagues with The San Diego Padres.

Good Luck Mike O'Connor and thanks for a few fine memories.,

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