Thursday, June 18, 2009

Matching Pair

The Adam Dunn & Frank Howard Bobbleheads to be given away on August 8th and August 22nd at Nationals Park are a matching pair. Dunn is displayed on a "Nats" red background of DC with The Washington Monument, while "Hondo" will be displayed with a Curly "W" and "Town" red backdrop of DC with The Capitol behind his swing.

Together forming "NatsTown".

A whole new way to Get Your Red On!!

A Matching Pair.

Bobbleheads rarely look like the person it represents and these look fine. Although Frank Howard's Home White Washington Senators Uniform in the sample above is "Bright White"--The Senators only wore non-pinstripe uniforms with "Hondo" on the team which were "Cream" color (off-white) from 1969 until they left for Texas after the 1971 Season.

Still looks good though. Together they match up well.

Thanks to fellow Nationals Full Season Ticket Holder Luis for the heads up!!


An Briosca Mor said...

You're right, this bobblehead looks nothing like the real Frank Howard. For one thing, it only has two arms and one bat!

Screech's Best Friend said...

ABM--I have been waiting for that comment all evening. I knew you wouldn't miss it. :)

An Briosca Mor said...

It is hard to beat out SenatorNat when it comes to belaboring the obvious. But against heavy odds, sometimes I succeed. Kind of like when the Nationals meet the Yankees.

Jeremy said...

Damnit, so now my plan to only get the Hondo bobblehead has failed! Sadly, it'll likely be cheaper to hit Ebay for the matching Dunn bobblehead than to go out to the park. Although a Nats game is included that would not otherwise be included on Ebay. Tough call....