Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Frank Howard Bobblehead!!

UPDATE--Confirmed By Our Washington Nationals

According to The Washington Post, Adam Dunn is the Bobblehead to be given away on August 8th when The Arizona Diamondbacks come to Nationals Park.

But the real treat, at least for me, is that My Favorite Player Of All Time!!--Frank Howard--is the bobblehead to be given away on August 22nd when The Milwaukee Brewers invade South Capitol Street.

Frank Howard Bobblehead!! I LOVE THAT!! Hopefully this will coincide with "HONDO" officially representing Our Washington Nationals in some capacity?


An Briosca Mor said...

The real news here is that there is apparently no chance they'll be shopping Adam Dunn before the trade deadline.

Screech's Best Friend said...

ABM-there have actually been circumstances over the past 10 years where players where traded and their bobblehead has been given away after. The Brewers have done this twice--in my recollection. I am sure there are more.

paul said...

Wait--I thought they were the same person!

dcbatgirl said...

Here here to the Frank Howard bobblehead!

Jumping Jahosafat said...

Hondo bobble! In!!!!!

SenatorNat said...

How many arms are they planning to put on the Hondo bobblehead - three, as depicted in Gooey Monument Park?

Trust in artistic license. And Ernie Banks' bat. All real.

SenatorNat said...

Hey, while on the subject of promotions, how about a new ad campaign by MASN for the Nats, keeping with the My Defining Moment theme, but actually emphasizing some of the more unusual errors and misplays and blown games in a My Embarassing Moment tableau? I think that it's time to convert this record-setting losing season into a Mets-styled positive somehow. While Acta and the Nats are not loveable losers - they are actually tedious losers, there are still plenty of snakebitten moments deserving of highlighting.

I volunteer for this one:
"My Embarassing Moment?
It's Opening Day, 2008, and the programs and schedules and all the promotional literature depict an "Iconic Baseball" aloft the platform in Centerfield. But wait - turns out the Lerners found out the ball would cost millions and they couldn't sell naming rights to underwrite it. So, instead, they decide not to pay rent! Or pay for quality major leaguers so the new $660 million park built by D.C. could have a team which would enable a true fan base to develop. Ted Lerner and his two sons-in-law, gifted the team, decide to starve it for 10% ROI - that's my Embarassing Moment!"

Trust in Acta to remain in the saddle. And, at $500k per year, he's a bargain. All wholesale.

yazzy1956 said...

They should give out Manny Acta bobbleheads before he leaves only the head would not move and just stare straight ahead with its mouth shut.

As for Dunn, my guess is that if another team made a serious offer for him, the Lerners would make a tidy profit selling the bobbleheads as collectibles on E-Bay or at kiosks in one of their shopping malls.