Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Broken Bats

Having to be up early tomorrow for work, the gamer from tonight's 6-4 loss to Boston at Nationals Park will come later this morning. But I wanted to briefly write about this topic--which continues to be bothersome.

Will it take a terrible injury, a maiming or fatality to get Major League Baseball to seriously look into The Broken Bat Dilemma? In the bottom of the 2nd inning tonight Elijah Dukes swung at a Jon Lester pitch and his bat immediately broke in two and set sail across the infield. This is something every fan and every player has seen time and time again over the past seven to eight years. There are multiple broken bats per games. Constant shared projectiles twirling through the air. At times, not going nowhere near anyone, but like tonight, getting as close as it gets to HURTING SOMEONE.

Elijah's Bat helicoptered across the field toward the shortstop position where Boston's Nick Green attempted to field the actual baseball. Amazingly, the stroked hit was following the same path as the bat. As Nick Green set himself to field the baseball--the broken bat moved right toward his head--bouncing in front of him--and flipping directly over his noggin--SHARDED SIDE pointed down right at him.

Making every attempt to not be harmed, The Boston Shortstop ducked out of the way at the last second. The baseball going right past him for a single as well. The launched broken bat coming to rest--sticking itself into the short leftfield grass.

This was dangerous stuff but MLB Baseball has yet to seriously look into the issue. For a few years now, maple bats have been a source for worry--because they tend to shatter more--and can crack inside the wood before actually breaking on the outside.

Nick Green tried to make the play this evening (as any professional would), but thankfully thought better for his safety. It should not come down to a player, a coach or a fan near the action nearly killed before something is done about it. Sorry, but this constant broken bat issue is serious business. And if Major League Baseball really cares, The Commissioner of Baseball would ban maple bats right now instead of just conducting some type of study or commission looking for recommendations. And reintroduce maple bats, if and only if, they pass a scrutiny of reviews.

Someone is going to get hurt badly. Nick Green was lucky tonight. One night soon, another person will not be.

PS--Home Plate Umpire Kerwin Danley being hit by a shattered maple bat in April. Can you imagine if Danley wasn't wearing a mask that night?


JayB said...

Of topic I know but....Acta and his coaching staff should take notice of the turning point in the game last night. Yuk did not like what looked to be a low strike, the Bench backed him up, Terry F. got in some risk free face time to make his point on balls and strikes and this changed the game. That was the last close call Stamen got and Ortiz should have been out on a 3rd Strike call right before the big HR, but the Ump had all ready been put on notice and he did not make the call. Next Pitch game over.

Nats under Manny don't even know what happened to them in this brief but pivotal point early in the game. Manny is so minor league in his understanding of this key part of the job.

The Sox fans I sat with were fine. They were little old ladies and men who had not been in Fenway Park for over 20 years…..they keep talking about the Sox TV personalities and hoping they would get on TV with there little signs. Boz has it right, as long as the Lerner’s own this team, the Nats will consider this weeks games a huge success. Sad really.

curious said...

Does Elijah Dukes shave his bat as some players do?