Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 Water Taxi Update

The Alexandria Riverboat Company tells Nats320 their Water Taxi will now service Nationals Park for approximately 60 home games of Our Washington Nationals in 2010. The currently posted online schedule of 39 games on their website includes service for April, May & some premium ticket games only. The complete schedule for June, July, August & September will be updated in May. All 81 regular season home games will not have Water Taxi service available due to Alexandria Riverboat Company's commitments to other local events and activities.

Complete ticket details at this link.

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Sylvia said...

Jeff - I think I have a question only you can answer. I have seen all the great photos and video from Spring Training. And I think I want one of the Red hoody sweatshirts that the players are wearing during practice. Majestic seems to only have the Graphite color. I can get an Authentic jersey, hat etc, why not a Red hoody? -- Thanks, Sylvia

Screech's Best Friend said...

That Red Hoody is a new item for 2010. In the past, except for caps and jackets, the other new items released by Majestic go to Major League Teams for spring training first. Most everything else comes out after the season begins. Back in 2005, when Washington first wore those "DC" logo caps for batting practice--everyone wanted them. But Majestic didn't mass produce them until the season started. The Nats got them first for their players/staff--the fans later. I am sure the red hoody will be available in the next month or so.

Sylvia said...

Thanks! my season tickets arrived and I am probably just over-amped about the up coming season. Figured the Red Hoody will be perfect for those first few chilly April evenings. You and Sohna are always so well turned out :) If I can be patient about Strasburg -- I can wait for a hoody