Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Wait 15 Minutes & The Weather Will Change

Central Florida was hit hard with a deluge of a rain storm this morning. Yet, Our Washington Nationals still held their fifth full squad workout at the practice fields of Space Coast Stadium's Minor League Complex when the falling precipitation dissipated, momentarily. Then the rains began again with training underway. Then stopped. And incredibly, by around 11 AM, the sun came out in full with the temperature reaching up in to the 60's. It was like a completely different day had begun. Although, thirty 30 mile per hour winds gusting all over the place--made for another challenge.

Nothing like Florida, wait 15 minutes and the weather will change.

But that atmospheric phenomena did not disrupt phenom Stephen Strasburg away from his normal routine. Today, The Pied Piper Of Our Washington Nationals threw his normal bullpen and BP session under the watchful eye of Our General Manager Mike Rizzo. This time also viewed by less than 20 fans. Virtually no one on sight to witness Strasburg throw to a group of live hitters. The predicted precipitation drove many away. At least this time during Stasburg's live batting practice session, some hitters actually swung their bats. Only outfielder Roger Bernadina hitting anything of substance--if you want to call it that. A weak grounder that rolled into the outfield grass.

Then, when his training session ended, Strasburg signed autographs for the handful of fans in attendance and took a picture with The African Queen before walking back by himself to the clubhouse at Space Coast Stadium. The first time we've watched Stephen head anywhere off the practice fields without handlers. This ever changing weather made today a perfect day to meet & greet with players and coaches for autographs and pictures--because so few fans were in attendance. Ryan Zimmerman signed for everyone as well.

Much more coming later, The African Queen and I are heading off to a scheduled appointment this afternoon. We will be back with some more interviews conducted today after practice. Quite a few actually. We just need some time to transcribe them.

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SenatorNat said...

Does Strasburg throw chiefly three-quarters, or more often, over the top? I hope having seen him first-hand that your answer is three-quarters. His finish looks like WJ, doesn't it? Thanks.