Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sohna's Days

Now a tradition in the four years The African Queen & I have attended spring training for Our Washington Nationals, we stop for a few days of full non-baseball activities. Sohna's Days--we call them. Dates that have included that shopping spree bonanza in Viera in 2009. And with both pre-season openers away at Kissimmee and Jupiter this Thursday, off we went to tour the Central Florida Space Coast. Wherever she wanted to go--we went.

First on the list was this local park on the intercoastal waterway in Melbourne, Florida. We've noticed the location before and decided to check it out first hand. Worth the stop, because there was virtually no one else around to enjoy the scenery. Total privacy.


Then, off to Melbourne Beach where the wind was whipping--a few sea gulls and sandpipers walking on the sand--and only a smattering of folks out on this cool day. The sun shining, 50 degrees, the soothing sounds of the ocean--we'll take that!!

Next on Sohna's Day list--Port Canaveral--where we enjoyed a lite lunch at Atlantic Seafood while looking out over the charter fishing boats and Disney & Carnival Cruise Line Ships--loading up for their trips out to sea. The last time we came this way one year ago--this venue was teaming with activity. Today, barely a trickle. The locals tell us the Central Florida economy has really suffered during the past year.

Finally, off to one of our favorite places--The Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral. We've been NASA supporters and Commander Club Members for years. We've visited The Space Center each of the past two years. This afternoon, Sohna wanted to visit The Astronaut Hall Of Fame. The best thing about this visit was running into a local television crew doing a live shot for their evening broadcast. With all us being in the business, a great conversation about the state of electronic news ensued. Greg from Central Florida 13 News was kind enough to take the picture of Sohna and I in front of the space shuttle mock up at The Astronaut Hall Of Fame.

Hopefully, we will see Greg again soon. A Melbourne resident, he's planning on visiting Space Coast Stadium for one of Our Washington Nationals Spring Training Games soon.

Sohna's Day was again fun for her. There is nothing like just getting away and enjoying the local environment and offerings. Tomorrow though, The African Queen and I will be back "doing baseball" as she always says. There's even a special tour we took the other day--that will lead off Friday morning's Nats320 coverage.

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Positively Half St. said...

Glad you had fun. Please bring better luck with you to today's game.