Friday, March 26, 2010

The Red Carpet Rewards Program Worked Beautifully

On Wednesday March 17th, UPS delivered to our home the 2010 Season Ticket Package for Our Washington Nationals. Packaged in a bright red Curly "W" NatsTown Box, the two best added additions for this year featured the return of the Season Ticket Holder Pin (a fan favorite) and the implementation of the new Red Carpet Rewards Program.

Let us tell you from experience--The Red Carpet Rewards Program redemption worked--and quickly.

Granted to Season Ticket Holders who renewed their seats for 2010 and made a payment on their plan by December 4, 2009, The Red Carpet Rewards program basically gives qualified season ticket holders access to upgrade for additional or better seats at Nationals Park--depending on your tier and ticket price--while still retaining their original seats. With our seats located in The Stars & Stripes Club, The African Queen and I received 82 points--41 for each full season ticket.

After perusing the rules and regulations, we chose two seats to a handful of games in Presidents Club and Diamond Club for selected 2010 games at Nationals Park and made 2nd choices in case those games were not available. We filled out the redemption form, signed the individual vouchers (required) and turned the packet in at Our Washington Nationals Main Ticket Office on N Street, SE on Saturday morning March 20th.

On Tuesday afternoon March 23rd, The Red Carpet Reward Office sent an email confirming the tickets being printed and a delivery confirmation number from UPS. The very next day, March 24th, UPS delivered every first choice ticket we requested. Good seats too, and some even on the aisle for three of our chosen games.

In one week's time frame, Sohna and I received our 2010 Season Ticket Package, chose our Red Carpet Reward games and received those redemption tickets from Our Washington Nationals. You can't beat that. The process worked beautifully.

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paul said...

I too was excited to see all the freebies. Now you won't have to put up with people like me dropping hints about getting into the Diamond Club!

phiten said...

The script that describes "natstown" looks as if a pre-schooler designed and wrote it. WHen are these guys gonna "get it"?

yazzy1956 said...

Its easy for you with just the two of you. But you need a PhD in mathematics to figure out how to split up the reward certificates amongst 8 people since they only issued them in 4 and 1 point denominations. Its a nightmare. I'll be spending the whole season mailing in ticket requests.

Laurie said...

I wanted to tell you that a few months into the rewards and its not going that great. I guess if you got your games in before the season started, you were good. After the season, they just ignore you when you send stuff into them. Very disappointed at the service we are getting on this too. They blacked out games in the beginning and just add to them as the year goes by. Furthermore, I mailed in 20 points over 3 weeks ago, and they never emailed to acknowledge they got them. When I emailed asking about them, they are looking for them, and never got back to me.