Monday, March 29, 2010

$5 Seats For Opening Day

Maybe lost in the announcement of President Barack Obama throwing out the first pitch on Opening Day at Nationals Park is that Our Washington Nationals also officially announced today that $5 seats in Sections 401 & 402 will be made available for the April 5th first game versus The Philadelphia Phillies. The Main Box Office on N Street, SE is the ONLY LOCATION to purchase those tickets beginning at 10AM next Monday morning. And you must enter the stadium right away--one ticket per person.

Individual Game Tickets are now sold out for Opening Day. Obviously, if you are interested in taking advantage of this option--you better arrive early on April 5th at the ballpark.

Opening Night 2008 Photo--Copyrighted Nats320--All Rights Reserved


Chris S. said...

Early on April 5th or on April 4th?


Anyway, thanks for the heads up! I waited too long to get tickets and am seriously considering doing this. I wonder if I'd be sold a ticket if I was wearing my Schmidt t-shirt. (I've heard that the Caps refuse to sell tickets to fans of other teams, dunno about the Nats.)

Screech's Best Friend said...

Opening Day is April 5th.

Chris S. said...

Sorry, I was joking about camping out for 24 hours.

Unknown said...

Any guess as to how early you need to be there to get a ticket? I would love to go for $5 and I wouldn't mind getting there early, but it would be really annoying to get down there early and still not get in.

Screech's Best Friend said...

I wouldn't venture a guess on how early one should show to get in line to purchase a $5 seat. But it's safe to say the number of seats are limited to just a few hundred.

Chris S. said...

Yeah, I have no idea. To get into the Supreme Court the key is to get there before the first metro train does, and since I live within walking distance of the park I might do the same for this.

The Washington Post reports that there are "nearly 400" tickets. So not many at all.