Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The New & Improved PNC Diamond Club At Nationals Park

Yeah, there were a dozen or so new food offerings tasted today by the media at Nationals Park. There was also a tremendous amount of information to digest: Low cost parking options, New Season Ticket Holder Only Entry Gates, a renovated Red Porch & Red Loft Restaurant & Bar, expanded Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk and a special effort to raise toothbrushes for Haiti Earthquake Victims. But nothing was more interesting to see in person than the $2 Million Dollar refurbishing of The PNC Diamond Club. So, that is where Nats320 will begin our extensive coverage from today's events.

“I would argue we have the two nicest clubs in any sports venue," stated Chris Gargani, Vice-President & Managing Director for Sales & Client Services for Our Washington Nationals. "Now, I am biased, but I’ve been in a lot of venues and worked in a lot of them myself. These two clubs we now have at Nationals Park (Lexus Presidents Club & PNC Diamond Club) may rival just about anything I have ever worked in or been in. Just a fantastic job renovating this Diamond Club.”

And Mr. Gargani was right!! What a renovation from the very moment you head to the front entrance behind home plate on the main concourse at Nationals Park--to walking inside.

Fabulous, Really!!

Exterior Concourse Pennants featuring Negro League Greats Buck Leonard & Josh Gibson, Senators Greats Walter Johnson & My Favorite Player Of All-Time!! Frank Howard--along with Our Washington Nationals Ryan Zimmerman.

Real Brick Interior Walls.

A Backlit Glass Mosaic Beer & Wine Bar with granite countertops featuring six beers on tap. The Game Seven Of The 1924 World Series Scoreboard now gone.

Leather Lounge Chairs, 17 Sony HDTV's, Enlarged Foyer with Hostess Stand.

And a Levy's Restuarants Farm To Fork Chef's Table: "This is where we get ingredients as local as we can and as fresh as we can while focusing on what the local farmers have to offer," said Levy Restaurant Executive Chef--Terrance Louzon. "There will be Four Chef Tables set up in Diamond Club for each game. One will be full of desserts. The other three themed differently every day and none will have the same menu twice during the same homestand." Additionally, Diamond Club will have two 'Action Stations' or carving stations where a Chef will be on the main floor preparing ‘to order’ items or carving items to order.

The Diamond Club Chef's Table Buffet costs $25. Some PNC Diamond Club tickets are loaded with $35 in added value and that can be used to defray the cost of the sitdown meal inside this now very exclusive club.

You are going to have to check the renovations out for yourself because The New & Improved PNC Diamond Club is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! The African Queen says it "looks like a setting for an exclusive nightclub." A total transformation from what existed in the exact same spot during the first two seasons of Nationals Park. Sohna and I really enjoyed this part of today's media tour the most.

And here is a video presentation shown on the HDTV Scoreboard today narrated by Clint Khoury--Stadium Host:

Much more coming later on the new food choices, Red Porch & Red loft expansion, Season Ticket Holder Entry Gates, The Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk and that toothbrush drive for Haiti.

Sohna and I just had to lead with The PNC Diamond Club Renovations.

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TBC said...

Now let me get this straight. The reason those expensive seats behind the plate were always empty is because the fancy hidden clubs behind them sucked. Oh-kay.

SenatorNat said...

Gone is the 1924 WS 7th Game Scoreboard over the bar (Nats win in 12 - 4-3)? Next you'll be telling me that they took the iconic baseball over the Red Loft away!!!!!!!!!

TBC said...

Are they going to quit flying the 1924 pennant too?

Screech's Best Friend said...

I doubt it. Why would they?