Saturday, March 20, 2010

Composure Beyond His Years

"It says my ball is moving to force weak contact," Stephen Strasburg said after his latest and, probably, last performance for Our Washington Nationals in spring training 2010. A four inning 8 strikeout performance--plus two home runs allowed--to The St. Louis Cardinals. That comment maybe better than the young rookie's effort on the mound in March. Strasburg may be the number one pitching talent entering the game, but with quotes like that--Stephen continues to prove he's carrying a head on his strong shoulders to complement that golden arm.

Last week in a television interview on MASN (although the video is not in their media lounge), Strasburg also stated that no one believed in him in high school. And he went out to prove them wrong. Few colleges thought he was talented and he went out to prove everyone wrong at San Diego State. And now he's in Washington to prove he's not a fluke. "You have to overcome all obstacles."

That's great stuff too.

Steven Strasburg has composure beyond his years.

Strasburg Photo--Charlie Reidel (AP)

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3RG said...

Strasburg makes a very similar statement in his interview on the MLB Network program 30 Teams/30 Days - The Nationals edition, which is repeating a lot on their cable channel.