Sunday, March 28, 2010

That Leap Of Faith--Confirmed & Affirmed

Driving back from the health club this morning, WTOP reports Our Washington Nationals have named Ian Desmond their starting shortstop to begin the 2010 season at Nationals Park. A big smile came across my face and I immediately called The African Queen to tell her--that Leap Of Faith desired before spring training began--was now confirmed.

Ian Desmond had rightfully earned to be in the starting lineup on Opening Day at Nationals Park, positioned just to the left of Ryan Zimmerman who mans third base. If Our Washington Nationals are going to grow as a team, their young players must know: If you work hard, develop your skills and show not only promise but the skill sets needed for a Major League Team--then you will rightfully get your chance to play in The Big Leagues. Five years in the making, Ian has done everything baseball management asked him to do in the Minor Leagues. And Our Number 6 was rewarded this morning with the good news.

The ascension of Desmond should not be looked on as a slight toward Cristian Guzman. If you are going to be fair, "The Guz" has hustled every single time he's stepped out on the field of play. And no one has consistently ran the bases so well and so hard in the first five seasons since baseball returned to Washington. But with Guzman coming off post-season shoulder surgery to his throwing arm, along with his poor second half showing in 2009, Our General Manager Mike Rizzo and Our Manager Jim Riggleman correctly determined a younger man, seven years Cristian's junior--is the best person at this very time to become the starting shortstop for D.C.'s Baseball Team in 2010.

If you going to move forward, changes have to be made. Simple as that.

That leap of faith--confirmed today by Our Washington Nationals--affirms a new development in The Nation's Capital which Sohna and I have been thinking about since the surprising release of Elijah Dukes. Whether you agreed with the Dukes' decision eleven days ago or not, Mr. Rizzo clearly feels that no one will be wearing the Red Curly "W" Cap in 2010 solely based on their past Major League experience or contract status. And, if someone like Our Number 6 has exceeded all expectations down on the farm and outplayed their Big League competition in camp--that person will make the team. A fact Justin Maxwell learned today as well when he was optioned to AAA Syracuse.

Ian Desmond leaped ahead of all the competition at Spring Training Camp in Viera, Florida over the past five weeks--confirming his ability to rise to the challenge. And in doing so affirmed the faith given to him by Mike Rizzo & Jim Riggleman who named Desmond this morning--The Starting Shortstop for Our Washington Nationals, Version 6.0.

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