Friday, July 31, 2009

On Thompson & Tucker

Photo--Aaron Thompson

Chatting with Interim GM Mike Rizzo tonight, I asked him about Aaron Thompson, acquired today from The Florida Marlins for Nick Johnson.

Paraphrasing Mr. Rizzo's comments: We like him a lot. Our scouts have been watching him closely over the past few weeks and they were very impressed with what he offers. We feel he is definitely a middle of the rotation starter with a good upside. And as I have come to realize--you trust your scouts always.

He's a better choice than Ross Tucker? (SBF)

(Paraphrasing) Mr. Rizzo: The Marlins kept on offering us Tucker, never did they mention Thompson into the discussion. Our Scouts saw Tucker pitch a few days ago and he couldn't even reach 88MPH on his fastball. This is a guy that others claim can reach 95MPH on his fastball. Somethings not right there. We were not seeing that. And like I said--you trust your scouts. Only at the end (of the trading deadline) was Aaron brought into serious discussion. We are happy with the deal.

Straight from The Interim GM himself.


NatsGuy said...


Mike Rizzo got taken on this deal. As usual the Lerners have misread their fan base (if there is one). Nick Johnson was a very popular player. They should have said no to the Marlins. Really bad deal. I don't think Rizzo knows how to justify the deal.

I was on the fence for giving Rizzo a chance, but not now. The whole bunch need to go.

Mike Edgar said...

I disagree. Nick was going to be a free agent and, if you can believe the reports in the paper, he and the Nats were unable to work out a contract extension. It's better to get something for him now, and then, if the team wants to get him back for next season, start negotiating again after the season's over. I like Nick as much as anyone, but I'd rather have this trade then let Nick play out the last 2 months of a disastrous season and then walk away in October with the Nats empty-handed.

NatsGuy said...

Tonight was the worst excuse of bad baseball I have ever seen. The life has been taken out of this team. Everybody is so busy looking at this team as a bunch of video game players that they don't look at them for their heart. I have a feeling Nick Johnson meant more to these guys than Mike Rizzo realized.

I thought Mike Rizzo was trying to build a team of strong character. Everything he did was consistent with that plan. If so why did he bring back Dukes. Another bad move. Who is running the team?

I will not watch the MLB Nats any longer this year. I will follow the Strasburg negotiations, Potomac, Harrisburg, Vermont, and GCL. Those are the only parts of this franchise that matter anymore.

Hopefully, the FO will get straightened out by the winter meetings. Maybe someone will buy the franchise from the Lerners and bring some competent baseball people to the FO.

paul said...

I need to correct myself from yesterday. Guzman is still left among the original Nats. I remember laughing when I read, toward the end of 2005, that he was the only Nat to buy property that first year. Guz had a terrible year, and surely we all would have chipped in to ship him out. But he has gotten the last laugh, I'm sure!