Sunday, August 02, 2009


While taking in all that PNC Park has to offer before the game, The Official Photographer of The Pittsburgh Pirates approaches us outside Home Plate Gate and asks Sohna and I whether we would be interested in a photo shoot to be displayed in Pirates Magazine about Visiting Teams' Fans. Sure--this photo is one of those that was taken.

Now--the game story.

The African Queen and I are walking back into our hotel late last night/early this morning and this rather large group of folks are standing about chatting in the lobby. Noticing that we are, as always, sporting Our Washington Nationals attire, this one guy yells over: "Who Won?"

I respond: "The Pirates in a blow out."

Not hearing me correctly he says: "Are you really telling me The Nationals Actually Won A Game!!?"

Pausing while thinking--No Respect--I explain the actual outcome. But what really bothered us about his comment was that this guy was only in Pittsburgh for The Forrest Wood Cup. The 2009 Fishing Championships!!

The Fishing Championships!!? What does he know about baseball?

Having no idea what those folks do when they cast and reel to find fish, that other water born flotilla now known as "The Fresh Start Pittsburgh Pirates" showed some serious swashbuckling fight tonight at PNC Park. While their newly appointed starting cenerfielder, Andrew McCutchen, slashed out three home runs this evening to the delight of most all of the 26,855 in attendance, The Buccos displayed a spirited fight on the battlefield as well. A new found courage to take it to their opposition.

Spunk--lost by Our Washington Nationals over the past four days.

Blame it on whatever you want, but Our Pitching just wasn't there tonight. When this game counted the most--neither Craig Stammen, Tyler Clippard or Logan Kensing brought their potential dazzle to the mound. When sword to sword fighting was necessary to keep The Pirates off-balance, each succeeded to only be beaten, struck back and demoralized--much of it thanks to McCutchen. Unfortnately for DC Fans, Lastings Milledge also played a key rbi role tonight--which sent The African Queen off into a tizzy.

Yeah, Our Washington Nationals may have, sort of, kept this game close--never out of it until McCutchen unloaded for his 3rd homer in the bottom of the 6th. A three run blast that probably received the loudest and largest ovation heard at PNC Park in 2009. But while The Bucs were celebrating heroics, DC's Team was contemplating failure. 12 runners left in scoring position this evening. Pittsburgh just three.

Washington pounded Pirates' pitching for 12 hits but plated just six runs.

While Pittsburgh pounded Nationals pitching for 14 hits and the decisive eleven runs.

No question about it--The Swashbuckling Bucs delivered this evening.

Our Washington Nationals did not. They had lost this fight.

A game that got so out of hand--there could have been very few on hand watching in the bottom of the 8th that DID NOT wish to see Andrew McCutchen step to the plate and hammer out Home Run Number Four?! We did--just for the historical significance. But McCutchen was denied--grounding into an inning ending double play. Probably, the only time in our lifetimes where watching any player causing two outs with one swing of the bat resulted in a Standing Ovation from his very own hometown fans.

Yeah, it was that type of night. Three homers from one guy (McCutchen)--garnering six individual rbi. A two run double stroked by Lastings Milledge. Some less than stellar pitching by Washington and even less moxie with runners in scoring position.

Final Score from PNC Park where even The Fishermen vying for a cast & reel championship could not grasp any DC Victory--The Pittsburgh Pirates 11 and Our Washington Nationals 6. Hand to Hand Combat (Baseball Thrown Toward Bat) this evening resulted in a rather lopsided victory for The Pirates. Loss Number 72 in 104 Games featured a rather one sided battle. The Good Ship DC Nats was thoroughly overtaken by The Fresh New Start Pittsburgh Pirates.

PS--more coming on PNC Park. Sohna and I went out last night after the game with friends. But there is no doubt--PNC Park is a spectacular baseball venue. Few Ballparks in America come close to this one.
And finally, many Nationals Fans in attendance including Little Andy and his parents--Charlene and Joe--taking in the action. Andy is Sohna's Section 218 Cheering Partner in the front row at Nationals Park. Andy asking his parents on the way to the ballpark: "Are we going to see Sohna here?" True story and even funnier when he spotted her outside PNC Park. Phil & Robert were there as well.


Anonymous said...

It was great spending nine innings with you two last night. Hope you enjoyed it too, flying hot dogs and all.

Look forward to seeing you around the ballpark.

An Briosca Mor said...

How nice to see statues with no extra arms, no extra bats, no extra balls, and no slime on them. No doubt that makes a big contribution toward making PNC such a great park.