Friday, July 24, 2009

The Highlights From Tonight's Rain Shortened Loss

Without a doubt, the absolute best part of tonight's rain shorted game at Nationals Park between Our Washington Nationals and The St.Louis Cardinals. Cardinals Manager Tony LaRussa meeting and greeting with some of Our Recovering Soldiers from Walter Reed DURING THE LAST RAIN DELAY!!

The smiles on the faces of the handful of soldiers still remaining would make every minute of tonight's 2 Hour & 46 Minute Delay worthwhile.

The oddest part of tonight's game.

While chatting with Noah's Pretzels Owner Dwayne Herndon in front of his stand near Center Field Plaza around 6:30PM--the weather is sunny, cooler than normal for a summer evening--when all of sudden there is this gigantic roar as if someone just turned on a very large water faucet. Looking over to our left-- A WALL OF WATER is moving across Nationals Park from South Capitol Street toward The Right Field Scoreboard Walk. Rain so hard it appeared as if a Tsunami was washing across the ballpark. Usher Tom, in Section 217 of The Stars & Stripes Club, told us later that from his vantage point in the stands just outside The Homestead Grays Bar there was a clear definition to the rain as it swamped the field. "You could see people watching the rain come towards them not comprehending what was happening," he stated. "Almost as if a curtain was being drawn to close out the lights from outside. Just incredible."

And it was--just like this evening's 16th Rain Delayed Game (11 at home) played by Our Washington Nationals in 2009. Total time of these delays now reaching an amazing sum of 30 Hours & 31 Minutes. Final Score in 6 and 1/2 Innings tonight at rain drenched Nationals Park--The St.Louis Cardinals 4 and Our Washington Nationals 1. Tonight was like the month of May, 2009 all over again.

It rained and rained and rained.

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SenatorNat said...

Is there really any reason not to play Gonzalez at short and Hernandez at second for a week, and see how they would do. Give Guz a rest for his weary feet. No need to play Belliard - we know what he can and cannot do - and he is gone after this year anyway. Why is Hernandez seemingly in Riggles' doghouse? Incidentally, has Guz been checked for diabetes? Chronic feet problems a signal, for sure. No takers for Nick Johnson surprises me even though his K is up at end of 2009 - SF Giants, near his home, sure could use him as they make run for the WC. Guess Rizzo is asking too much for him. Dunn going to AL for talent would be optimal - Willingham going in trade would be very disheartening, but it depends - if it is a deal for Freddy Sanchez for example, then you would love it. But, Pirates have unloaded outfielders, and have no interest in acquiring same. Hunch is that no trades occur prior to deadline, which may be for the best.

Trust in Major League pitching. Beats good hitting all the time. Perfect.