Sunday, July 19, 2009


Before Alberto Gonzalez played matador defense on a routine grounder--waving the baseball past his glove.

Before Alfonso Soriano swatted out his second home run in as many days--moments later.

Before The Chicago Cubs used Garrett Mock and Julian Tavarez for Batting Practice.

Before six straight Cubbies reached base safely in the top of the 4th, and eventually nine of 10--scoring seven runs.

Before The Presidents Race had even started, Our Washington Nationals were down by six.

And before a significant amount of fans actually got up and left Nationals Park immediately after Abe crossed the finish line to win for The 21st time in 2009--Ryan Zimmerman pulled off a terrific double play in the top of the first inning.

And Nyjer Morgan continued to show he can be a catalyst at the top of the order--two hits, two more stolen bases (one more if 2nd Base Umpire Gary Darling had not blown the call) and one run scored.

Other than those two bright spots--most everything else witnessed today by the 34,574 in attendance had come before. Another bad loss decided well before the 9th inning was played. The 65th defeat in 91 games this season.

Not wishing to re-hash the same thing, over and over, The African Queen and I are going to take the night off--relax at home and watch a movie.

A picture show we haven't seen before.

Final Score from Nationals Park where "Mr. Enthusiasm" lost his job today--being Designated For Assignment probably well before this game ended--The Chicago Cubs 11 and Our Washington Nationals 3 in nine less than stellar innings. Julian Tavarez's roster spot to be taken over by Logan Kensing. He of the earlier season trade from The Florida Marlins. A two week tryout on the Major League Level at that time that did not go well for Logan. Transformed and dominant these past two months at AAA Syracuse, Kensing will get another shot through that ever revolving door known as Washington's Bullpen.

One time Cleveland Indians 1st round pick from eight years ago, J.D. Martin, will make his Major League Debut tomorrow night at Nationals Park for Washington. Replacing the now disabled Scott Olsen heading to Birmingham to see Dr. James Andrews, Martin has spent years recovering from injury and has been very effective pitching for AAA Syracuse in 2009. Interestingly his mound opponent will be the erstwhile former National--Livan Hernandez--pitching for The New York Mets.


Anonymous said...

Livan may not have much left but he always pitches well and beats the Nats.

Unknown said...

Any word on the guest for tomorrow at ESPNZone. I'm assuming it won't be Olsen..

Screech's Best Friend said...

Craig Stammen is filling in at The ESPN Zone on Tuesday. The Nationals just sent out the press release.

Utec said...

Wow, SBF. While most of the bloggers carry torches and pitchforks for the Lerners, you've been positive and have done such great work promoting the team and its off-the-field activities. Now even you are ready to take a night off. Can't blame you, they've earned it. I really worry that they're going to lose the fan base for years.

Medley said...

What Alan said. Spouse and I have been following since the first season - and now I don't remember the last time we listened to a whole game on the radio. And we LOVE Charlie&Dave.

It's just such a shame. Too many wasted opportunities on and off the field.

SenatorNat said...

I trust that you and the African Queen took in a "talkie" "Picture Show" as they are all the rage!

Riggles put Anderson Hernandez in as left-fielder at the end of the game, a move Manny would not have done, his first departure from perfection. Looking back, we will undoubtedly point to that very move and that moment as the time where the Nationals went from being on track to losing 114-115 games to winning the remaining 71 games in a row and finishing in first in the NL East by a game over the Phillies!

It is about time that a manager, down by 8 runs in the top of the ninth put a charge into the team by having Willie Harris, an outfielder, play second, and Anderson Hernandez, an infielder, play left, and Belliard, a quitter, play first.

Trust in JLo to turn into a pumpkin in July, Julian. And a flight to Birmingham (but not Willingham) starting a nice young pitcher on his slow ride out of baseball due to chronic injuries. All jinxed by the absence of that iconic baseball...When will they ever Learn-(er)?