Sunday, July 26, 2009

Well Worth The Wait


That is the only way to describe it.

From Ryan Zimmerman's two run homer in the bottom of the very first inning; to the 3 Hours & 11 Minute rain delay that occurred nearly directly after; to the absolutely wonderful time The African Queen and I had spending the evening with Bob & Don; to Adam Dunn's Grand Slam once play commenced again at 10:40PM in the second inning; to Tyler Clippard's OUTSTANDING four inning performance after the long wet night ended; to an absolute wipe out of The San Diego Padres at Nationals Park--this evening was the most enjoyable night ALL SEASON on South Capitol Street.

No doubt about it.

Our Washington Nationals controlled a ball game from start, to delay, to finish. There was no uncertainty in this match up.
To bad so few were on site at the end--because this victory was well deserved and enjoyable to watch.

It's 2AM in the morning as I write this, and we still can't get over the bliss watching this one.

16 total hits by Our Washington Nationals--three apiece by Zimmerman and Cristian Guzman. Four hits by Nyjer Morgan. Two by Adam Dunn--including his 2nd Grand Slam this season and five total RBI. Two hits by Josh Willingham with one RBi and one sliced liner to right plating two runs by Nick Johnson.

Combined with Clippard's REMARKABLE appearance on the mound after the original rain delay concluded--Washington played it's most complete game all season. One well worth the wait.

Final Score from Nationals Park where only a few hundred braved the elements to last until the end--Our Washington Nationals 13 and The San Diego Padres 1. Really, this was an outstanding game from start to finish. And as our friend Bob noted during this affair--from the one spot to the sixth spot in Our Batting Lineup--DC's Team is competitive. Tonight showed they can dominate when everything goes right in their direction.

Sohna and I didn't care that this evening's affair lasted well past midnight. This One AM ending time didn't bother us at all. We didn't care that the rain delay lasted over three hours. What mattered was that Curly "W" number 29 was a wipeout. One of those easy victories that come from total domination over an opponent--something that had yet to occur in 2009.

At least until this night--and early morning.

Time to go to bed so we can return to Nationals Park on Sunday for the 1:35PM start--Fresh.

So--How About That Tyler Clippard? Just Outstanding Work--Dominant!

There was no Bang!! Zoom!! Of The Fireworks!! tonight at Nationals Park due to the lateness of the hour, but this walkover win was Well Worth The Wait. Our Washington Nationals CRUSHED The San Diego Padres in a most entertaining style--just like the company we enjoyed with Bob & Don.

OK--having to be up early tomorrow for work before the final game of this three game series against The Friars--it's time to get some rest. But we want to emphasize--this 13 to 1 win was thrilling to watch. There is nothing like taking over a game from start to finish while watching with friends. A tact which Our Washington Nationals need to perform more often.

PS--Thanks to Florence for the hospitality tonight--first class. And we loved the Harris Teeter Eco-Friendly Tote Bag, nicely done and usable.

Tonight's InGame Photos--Evan Vucci (AP)
All Other Photos--Nats320--All Rights Reserved


VCUAlum Kyle said...

Got back in Richmond at 2:55am this morning. My friends and I had a great time at the ballpark tonight. Our one friend celebrated his birthday at the park! We also got to move up close and sit in the good seats to watch the game. I was happy to be able to see Ronnie B get the start at 2B.
Overall it was a great day/night at the park.

My friends and I tailgated at lot W on 7th & M Street. Talk about an awesome time. Other People there tailgating had cornhole boards and the atmosphere there was like a college football game. LOVED IT

hugh said...

Did anyone get the license plate number of that truck that rolled over the Padres last night?

Anonymous said...

That is what you are supposed to do to THE worst hitting teams in the MLB as the Padres have a team BA of .230. Adrian Gonzalez is mired in his worst season for the Padres as far as batting average goes. Rumor is that he wants "out".

They traded their second best outfielder Scott Hairston which leaves Tony Gwynn Jr. as their tops in BA and #2 happens to be David Eckstein who has a .267 BA and he hasn't played in the series.

You have to take advantage of this team who doesn't even have their ace Jake Peavy.

After watching last night which is the way you are supposed to beat a team like this you can see why Riggleman was so frustrated with Friday's performance. I am sure Jim envisioned a 31-67 record after this series concluded.

RL Consulting Services Inc., said...

Jeff and Sohna,

My brother Don and I enjoyed spending the evening last night with you. The evening displayed what is so good about baseball. Baseball is an opportunity to spend time with friends and watch a game unfold in the most unpredictable ways. Both teams, no matter their records, start the game even and it is impossible for anyone to predict the outcome with any certainty.

I must confess that I hadn't thought about Cap Peterson in the last 40 years...but had no difficulty remembering him when you recounted your story about Al Kaline.

I hope that there will be many more Nats victories and opportunities to spend time with the two of you.


paul said...

I decided not to go at all until the weather lifted, and it was a fun time. Memo to those who feel burned by the long rain delay. Stay home, or if you don't live close, hang out at barracks row until the rains pass. If you know it is going to rain, don't get that ticket scanned!

BTW we can't let JD Martin's 10 pitch at bat, the AB of the year, go unmentioned. He battled out a 2 out walk after being in a 0-2 hole, scampered to third on Morgan's hit, and scored as Guzman hustled to beat out an infield single. One walk and one batter later, the game was Dunn.

John R. said...

Yes, it was a great game. I saw one and a half innings at Nats Park, then a few innings on TV at home around Midnight. But....

Seven of us went to the game last night -- my 73 year old father-in-law and his 69 year-old wife (both visiting from California), my wife, myself and my three kids ages 3 to 12. Having been through this extended rain delay in June with the S.F. Giants, I was prepared to stay late, but no one else in my crew was similarly crazy. So, we waited until 10 PM and finally walked to the parking lot. No announcements had even been made about starting the game so waiting seemed really foolish when I had the whole extended family with me.

Yes, it sounds like an awesome way for a few hundred folks to watch a baseball game but nearly 20,000 other people paid to see a game and instead merely spent lots of money on food and drinks and saw very little baseball.

donthefan said...

The smiles shown on my face and others only tell part of the story! After suffering throughout this year, with losses, disappointments and then the storm, etc. We who stayed were never down in our spirit!

It was a special night of friendship and classic baseball!

Thanks go out to Jeff, the Queen, Bob and Pete!


Janet said...

I'm glad the people who could stay until the game was over had a game that was worth waiting for.

But I'm also glad that I didn't attempt to go. (The totebag sounded pretty cool, so I had given it some thought.) As a female fan who travels to games by public transportation -- I become very cautious about moving around on Metro when it's late, (after about 11 or so) unless I have a lot of company. If there are only a few hundred people at the end of a game, I don't think there would have been enough people leaving the park at 1am for me to feel safe on Metro. And hanging out by myself at Barracks Row doesn't appeal to me as a back up plan.

Since 2005, I've enjoyed the people I've met when I've gone to games by myself, and I've enjoyed having 21 game packages since 2006. But for next season, I don't want to buy tickets for myself as part of a package or in advance of seeing a weather forecast. If I'm going with soemone or as part of a group, that's a little different.

If there were a possibility of receiving a voucher for a future game if rain delays go more than about two hours, I'd be more willing to take a chance on weather. But if a game's a game even if no one's around or awake when it ends, I'll let the broadcasters bring the game to me. Maybe I'll even go to IHOP -- and come hungry and leave happy.

donthefan said...

Starting the 2nd half
After attending Saturday's blowout 13-1 win and Sunday's tense 3-2 victory in 10 innings, I am thinking about where this team is headed after so many disappointments.

On the plus side it now has taken 2 series out of 3 since the All-Star break! Maybe there is something genuine about a change of attitude here. Extra inning game here-to-fore have been embarrassing losses.

We can just think positive and put together of wins and hope for the emergence of this promising young pitching staff. Now that would more than make up for so much of the pain felt thus far.

(Previously commented as "dglfalls")