Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Smiling Faces

The most important aspect of tonight's game at Miller Park.

Better than Nyjer Morgan's Leadoff Homer.

Better than Adam Dunn's TITANIC blast that bounced out of The Milwaukee Brewers' Ballpark.

Better than Josh Willingham's bat staying hot.

Better than Washington moving runners along with simple base hits and sacrifice bunts.

Better than Morgan knocking home two more runs later in this affair.

Better than Collin Balester bending but not breaking on the mound against The Brew Crew.

Better play thanks to improved defensive glove work by Our Washington Nationals.

And better than "The Guz" sealing this deal tonight with a three run homer in the top of the 8th.

All those aspects were not better than watching Our Washington Nationals having fun playing baseball again.

Washington's Players displaying smiles all around in the dugout and on the field.

Teammates enjoying the game and the camaraderie that comes with it.

Winning on a consistent basis--now four in a row--can certainly help take away some of the sting experienced most of this season.

A lot of smiling faces representing DC Baseball at Miller Park Tonight. Ones representing joy, happiness--the very reasons to look ahead because Washington is playing some mighty fine ball right now--winners of six out of their last eight.

Final Score from Miller Park where for the second consecutive night--a ball game was really never in doubt for the team that calls The Nation's Capital its home--Our Washington Nationals 8 and The Milwaukee Brewers 3. Curly "W" Number 32 perfectly represented what winning always does--in any sport.

Success always breeds confidence.

Triumph provides comfort.

And being able to overcome and prevail after so much travail this season--can only bring Smiling Faces to Our Washington Nationals, as well as, The African Queen and I tonight. Sure, Washington is going to have their bad days again--it's bound to happen. But over the past week, more times than not--DC's Team has come prepared to play.

Another good win. Another well played game.

Tonight's InGame Photos--Morry Gash (AP)


paul said...

One of my favorite plays of the summer was watching Morgan take an extra base Monday night on a lob throw in by Mike Cameron--a great contrast to FLop's slowing down to 3rd a few innings before. Hopefully that kind of anticipation and aggressive baserunnning will become contagious.

hugh said...


Anonymous said...

When things go your way, they go your way. Balester made his pitches when he needed to and it is a game of inches as in Wil Nieves 2 RBI hit and even the ball Adam Dunn didn't catch at 1st that caused no damage. Double play balls with perfect timing too. Fundamentals solid.

Tonight will be the real test with Mock on the hill. I still think he is the big question mark in the rotation and he needs to do it while the team has momentum. Winning is contagious!

AndyK said...

From Chico Harlan's column in today's Post.

"They are playing polished, professional baseball -- which under Manny Acta existed only as a speculative possibility."

Thank God the Acta experiment is over. Now we can move on and continue to build a winning team.

SenatorNat said...

There is something VERY SPECIAL about "New York-New Jersey- 1" which is stiring the drink the way Wiggly-Butt did in 2006! He is like holding a perfect diamond in your hand - mesmorizing. He is the embodiment of my romantic notion of the old Negro Leaguers - guys with panache and passion and smarts whose love for the game carried itself into the stands and beyond.

He lights up the field - I am totally in the tank for this guy. I noted that when informed about the trade, he said, "When a team like Washington wants you, you can't help but be flattered and excited," indicating that he was either the stupidest player in MLB or the smartest self representing PR agent in the land! Looks like it was neither - he just knew that like a capital version of Field of Dreams that someone had bothered to build it - largely guys like Bill Hall and SBF - and he was going to emerge from beyond that mystical mirage of an iconic baseball atop the Red Loft and change the fate of the Nationals.

Morgan, is that you? You Bet!

Trust the shadow of Josh Gibbons and his ilk. All Lovely Shades of Gray...

NatsGuy said...

The run that scored on Sunday wouldn't have happened if Nyger Morgan had been playing.

The African Queen said...

SenatorNat: "Wiggly Butt"--you remember where you heard that first--in Section 320 at RFK Stadium about my former love--Alfonso Soriano!!!