Friday, July 17, 2009

Screech At The All-Star Game

Did you know that My Best Friend Screech!! actually participated in The All-Star Game Home Run Derby? And I don't mean standing on the side watching. Our Washington Nationals Mascot slammed out 11 Home Runs on the Opening Day of The 2009 All-Star FanFest Activities in St.Louis on July 10th. Competing against the 29 other mascots of Major League Baseball's 30 Teams, Screech finished second--his All-Time Best Showing.

Then proceeded to entertain the thousands that showed up surrounding Busch Stadium to take in The All-Star Festivities.

Screech hung out with Hall Of Famer Ozzie Smith at FanFest's Opening Ceremonies. He, along with Stomper, Slugerrr, Junction Jack, Billy the Marlin and Fredbird kicked off the MLB 5K & Fun Run at Busch Stadium. Twice Screech visited The Starbright Children's Hospital along with his friends--Slider, Mr.RedLegs, Rangers Captain, D Baxter, Stomper, Raymond & The Oriole Bird--helping to bring a little joy to children in need.

My Best Friend!! partied with fans at The All-Star Pre-Game Celebration and was introduced along with all 29 of his other buddies before the Major League Version of The All-Star Home Run Hitting Contest--won by Milwaukee's Prince Fielder. Screech telling The African Queen and I his attendance and activities performed in St. Louis some of his prouder moments representing Our Washington Nationals.

So Screech!!--now since you are an "All-Star Among Us"--would come visit us in Section 218? Or we just might have to take you off the Best Of Friends List? (Kidding)

Photos--Courtesy Of The Washington Nationals

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