Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dmitri Young & Matt Chico

Not knowing if Dmitri Young will don another uniform for Our Washington Nationals and realizing Matt Chico is now back pitching competitively in professional baseball, my friend Matt & I couldn't resist heading out to Prince Georges County Stadium for today's High Noon Start between The Harrisburg Senators (Washington's AA Affiliate) & The Bowie BaySox (Baltimore's AA Affiliate).

Camp Day at The BaySox Ballpark made for a very cozy turnout. And provided a nice opportunity to chat with some of Our Minor League Players or get autographs. It was good to see some of the regulars from Potomac Nationals & Washington Nationals Games, as well as, ESPN Zone Lunch Time Meet & Greets on hand.

The game itself was the sideshow. Matt & I went to see Young & Chico. Dmitri did start and played six innings. Matt Chico did not play but threw a bullpen session before game start.

In a brief conversation, Dmitri says he's been healthy and ready to go since April, but his bat during this game proved maybe otherwise. In three plate appearances--Young couldn't get around on any fastball from Bowie's Japanese Import Ryohei Tanaka nor from BaySox Reliever Jim Hoey's tosses--striking out twice. Dmitri did ground out to shortstop in the top of the 4th scoring Senators 2nd Baseman Michael Martinez with Harrisburg's first run of this game.

As always-Dmitri Young was nice as could be to Washington's Fan on hand today. Just not sure if he really is in playing shape.

As for Chico--He told me (paraphrasing here) that his arm is healthy and he is fully recovered. He's had no pain whatsoever but his problem has been his control. Having not pitched in many game situations due to surgery, Matt says that his release point for his pitches has been inconsistent. In fact, during his bullpen session before the game, Harrisburg Pitching Coach Randy Tomlin was specifically working with Chico on just this issue.

Attempting to get Matt's hips in line on his windup, throwing with a rag to give resistance while working on motion--Tomlin's instruction and side session was pretty interesting to watch. Chico's goal to make Washington Baseball Operations Staff believe that by the end of September, he can be depended on again. So when Spring Training 2010 begins, Matt can compete for a Major League Job, not leaving folks wondering whether he needs more seasoning.

As for the game itself, Tanaka actually pitched a no-hitter into the 5th until Javy Herrera doubled to left for Harrisburg. Bowie took an early 2-0 lead on a two run homer by Ambiorix Concepcion in the bottom of the second off The Senators' Starter Corey Van Allen. And The BaySox eventually won this afternoon's game by socking another homer--this one by Miguel Abreu--off Jack Spradlin in the bottom of the 8th. Final Score--Bowie 3 & Harrisburg 2.

Having never been to Prince Georges County Stadium--I was pleasantly surprised. Nice facility with plenty of good seats. No ticket more expensive than $14. Matt & I purchased seats in the front row right behind The Visiting Harrisburg Senators Dugout. Got a kick out of The Harrisburg Relievers sitting on top of a grass mound--above the bullpen--in the sun--instead of in the actual shaded and provided dugout there.

As usual--the typical Minor League promotions that play out most every inning. Including Bowie BaySox Staff dancing on the dugout, and various games on the field with children. And of course--The Bowie BaySox Mascot--Louie. We had a good time. A beautiful weekday--most everyone else still at work--baseball in the afternoon. And the chance to see Dmitri Young and Matt Chico in person. What more could you ask for?

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Anonymous said...

$5 Million a year and $10 mil for 2 years.......thanks for all you do dyoung!

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Whatever resentment I have for the Baltimore Orioles does NOT extend to the Bowie Baysox. I hope the P-Nats eventually build a minor league worthy of P.G. Stadium.

But P.G. should be within the Nats' territory so if Bud Selig had any backbone, he'd tell Peter Angelos that Bowie must become a Nationals affiliate.

Mr. Khoury said...

As usual--the typical Major League promotions that play out most every inning. Including the "Nat Pack" dancing on the dugout, and various promotions on the field with the Presidents. And of course--SCREECH!

I think you have inadvertantly confirmed what many Nats fans have suspected for a while. The Game Entertainment is as minor league as the players.

The Orioles have no host. They have no on field races. "Now batting for the Nationals, number 34 Elijah Dukes" you might here at Oriole Park. No "Number 34 ELIIIIIIIIIJAAAAAAHHHH DUUUUUUUUUUKES." It is classy. It is a big league, professional feel. Not so at Nats Park.

Anonymous said...

You can't get classier than Thank God I'm a Country Boy. Not.

Anonymous said...


The consensus of all who've gone to Nats Park with me - the park is beautiful and I can't wait to come back!

I could do without Clint and I'm no fan of the President's Race, but the vast majority seems to love seeing those guys.

The organ is a wonderful touch.

The Nationals don't need to copy anything Baltimore does, but they do need to add some of their own signature things - how about Duke Ellington jazz between innings, songs from local artists (DC has a rich music history), and "You Gotta Have Heart" in the 7th inning or in the 9th when we need a rally?

Anonymous said...

Dmitri is a great guy, love his enthusiasm but he needs to let baseball (as a player) go. His time has passed and I hope he finds his niche in his post player career.

Anonymous said...

@Mr. Khoury - At least Nats fans respect the National Anthem and don't scream "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." It is so disrepectful to our country, especially on military type nights at the ballpark.

SenatorNat said...

How did Corey Van Allen look as he rehabs from surgery? I had high hopes for him? (As out of shape as DYoung looks, it is a bit maddening that he signed for that $10 million and then let his health just go to pot...)

Screech's Best Friend said...

SenatorNat: Van Allen was OK, but there was nothing special shown. He was wild, walking three hitters, threw away a pickoff throw to first base. One toss later gave up the home run to Concepcion. He might still be getting himself back to 100%, like Matt Chico. He did strike out six in 5.1 innings. But having never seen him before today, using Thursday as my only gauge--he didn't stand out from anyone else on the field

phil dunn said...

The sad truth is that Dimitri Young has eaten his way out of MLB. He has destroyed his body.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Mr. Koury---I don't care how "classy" the Orioles are---I refuse to root for a Baltimore baseball team owned by a man who openly and vehemently opposed the return of baseball to Washington, D.C. So I could care less if the Orioles were as good as the '76 Reds and played in the Sistine Chapel---I will never pay money to set foot in that park again unless my Nats are the visiting team. Many of my fellow Nats fans will not make that exception.

If you are from Baltimore, keep going to O's games and leave us alone. If you are from Washington, you are a traitor.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

One last thing. I know SBF will be interested in knowing that the Mets have dealt his main man to the Atlanta Braves. Too bad he couldn't return to D.C. Ryan Church may not be Willie Stargell, but he HAS to be better than Austin Kearns!

Old Nats Guy said...

Mr Khoury has a valid point, and he shouldn't be labeled a "traitor." The between innings "entertainment" at Nationals Park is very similar to what is on display at minor league parks. However, with the Nats (and just about everyone else) it's all about the money, and the "entertainment" really does put fannies in seats. Unfortunately, for those of us who go to the game for the GAME, the people that are filling those seats are the same ones who talk incessantly throughout the game -- about everything but the game.
There's nothing I like better than listening to restaurant and movie reviews while I'm trying to concentrate on a 3-2 pitch with two outs and the bases loaded. They do manage to maintain their focus during the Presidents Race.

Steve Walker said...


I'd like everyone to let all fans enjoy baseball in the way they most like it. I love having baseball in Washington and every single person who buys a ticket helps keep the national pastime here in the nation's capital. However they choose to enjoy the game - so long as it isn't offensive or vulgar or blocks my view of the game - is ok by me.

Once the Nats win often, everyone's focus will be on the field!

Edward J. Cunningham said...

I was not calling Mr. Khoury a traitor for criticizing the Nationals for emulating the minor leagues in promotions. What I was saying is that if he is born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area yet still regards the Baltimore Orioles as his "home team", then he is a traitor.

paul said...

I once again encourage everyone not to read anonymous posts.

Sonia, my deepest sympathy. It's never easy, no matter how old the loved one is.

It was really sad looking at Dmitri's meat locker. SBF, your picture obviated any need for a description.

The only time I went to PG County Stadium, they played the entire Kool and the Gang CD before the game. Someone there definitely had a sense of humor.

One more thing: How about moving Guzman back to #2 in the lineup so he gets a ton of fastballs when Morgan reaches. Move everyone else down a notch.