Friday, December 29, 2006

Ins & Outs For The New Year

As we part, yet another year in all our lives (and let me tell you, as you get older, those years seem to pass mighty quickly) and move on to the newness of 2007, its time to look at what's in, and what's out with Our Washington Nationals.

In: The Lerners. Out: MLB, Bud Selig & Greedy Owners.

In: Stan Kasten. Out: Tony Taveres (Did a great job under terrible circumstances).

In: Reeled in Jim Bowden. Out: Jimbo (You can't have every former Reds Player).

In: A Future For The Washington Nationals. Out: Uncertainty.

In: MASN (NATS TV Coverage for all). Out: Comcast Sports Net (Big Losers).

In: Adrian Fenty. Out: Mayor Williams (Give the man credit, he made DC a respected city again, and brought baseball back. Those are HIGH marks, my friend).

In: Building Of The New Stadium. Out: RFK Stadium's Final Year!! (Very Sadly for Me--"The Greatest No Thrills Park In The Game).

In: The Lerners will, again, (My Hope) step to the plate and now add additional monies to the Exterior Look of the Stadium so it can GLEAM!!!
Out: $611 Million, in city dollars, for a mediocre, aesthetically unpleasant ballpark.

In: Good Luck: find your own Parking after this season. Out: Lot 8 Tailgate at RFK Stadium after 2007.

In: $15 Parking at RFK (And that SUCKS!!). Out: $10 and $12 Parking at RFK.

In: Kory Casto, Ryan Church, Chris Snelling. Out: Alfonso Soriano (WHAT A YEAR, both good and bad--he was the talk of the town!!).

In: Nick Johnson returns to healthy form. Out: That collision was nothing short of awful to witness-the saddest point of the 2006 season for Our Washington Nationals.

In: A conscious free Austin Kearns for running into Nick Johnson. Out: The visibly affected and mentally shocked Austin Kearns for colliding with Nick Johnson.

In: (Again) Cristian Guzman. Out: Royce Clayton, Felipe Lopez.

In: The "New GUZ". Out: Whatever that crap was he performed in 2005.

In: Felipe Lopez at 2nd Base. Out: Jose (The Statue) Vidro at 2nd base.

In: Blind Man Moves to Second (FLop). Out: At least Vidro could catch anything hit right at him.

In: Alex Escobar. Out: Alex Escobar (The Man's always OUT with an injury--too bad, because he's actually a FIVE TOOL PLAYER!).

In: Ryan Zimmerman. Out: Hopefully NEVER!!

In: The last 2 months of 2006 Schneiderman. Out: The first 4 months of 2006 Schneiderman.

In: Mrs. Schneiderman (if you know who I am talking about, you would understand the praise), Mrs. Ryan Church, a very close second. Out: Wouldn't want to piss off any other player's wife that sits in Section 320 alongside us.

In: Jesus Flores, a real catching prospect from the Rule 5 Draft. Out: Fan Favorite, but journeyman Minor Leaguer, Brandon Harper.

In: Robert Fick, Bernie Castro & Larry Broadway. Out: Robert Fick--At least for a while. (He really must have wanted to come back).

In: A potentially terrible bench. Out: Daryle Ward (Owner of the FINEST UPPER DECK SHOT at RFK to Section 551 against the Astros last season--I will remember that blast FOREVER!!) , Marlon Anderson (and, of course, I could have played better than MY MAIN MAN, Damian Jackson--just a HORRIBLE PLAYER!!)

In: Any Innings Eating Starting Pitcher, hopefully two. Out: Well, after Livan was traded, we didn't have any anyway.

In: John Patterson, Staff Ace. Out: Ramon Ortiz, Staff Ace?? That's horrible too.

In: Hanrahan, Chico, Fruto, Redding, Van Buren & maybe, Zinacola. Out: Armas, Ortiz, just about every starter from 2006.

In: Potentially GREAT BULLPEN AGAIN. Out: Injury Filled & Inexperienced Relievers.

In: Luis Ayala. Out: Luis Ayala (Boy, could we have ever used him, Mr RUBBERARM, last season).

In: Hopefully not a overused bullpen. Out: A totally wasted bullpen.

In: A talented, hard throwing Jon Rauch. Out: The "I'm Very Comfortable Wookie" who gives up a Home Run in most every mound appearance.

In: Ray King (So Jimbo can trade him in July for two prospects). Out: Mike Stanton (Who Jimbo traded each of the past two seasons in July for prospects--at least the man is consistent).

In: "The Chief", Chad Cordero. Out: He really wasn't out, but "The Chief" needed more opportunities to be scary, like no other heart thumping stopper in the game.

In: Hopefully getting past the 3rd inning without being down 6 runs.
Out: Being down 6 runs in the 3rd inning.

In: Youth. Out: Just about every player above 29 years old.

In: A new Carlos Baerga. Out: Carlos Baerga (Come On, you had to love "Speedy Gonzales" the only player in the history of the game that ran in motion for 5 seconds before he actually started moving--a highlight of the Inaugural Season, remembered fondly by everyone in Section 320)

In: Cheap Payroll. Out: $60 Million Payroll.

In: Baby Nats with Reclamation Projects. Out: Veteran Nats with Reclamation Projects.

In: 70 Wins in 2007 would be a great year!! Out: 71 Wins last season seemed fairly disgusting.

In: Manny "Let's Activate!" Acta. Out: Frank "In Your Face" Robinson ("Come ON!! Frank" my favorite call over the past few years when he pissed me off--I will miss him nonetheless. He really is a great man!).

In: Acta hiring some of his buddies to be coaches, whether they are qualified or not. Out: The Coaches let go were not that good anyway.

In: Three Ryans--Zimmerman, Church & Wagner. Out: Two Joses--Guillen & Vidro.

In: A new Section 320 Song. Out; "Jose, Jose, Jose Jose!!"

In: Section 320. Out: Sitting Anywhere else at RFK.

In: Section 320 returns in tact for its 3rd Season. Out: Only if I can't convince Management to allow us to move as one group, in the same configuration, into the new stadium.

In: A New Favorite Player for The African Queen to get her fanny in the seat, each and every game.
Out: Her Love--Alfonso Soriano.

In: SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH!! Out: Any other Mascot.

In: Gates at RFK opening for Nats Batting Practice on certain dates for Season Ticket Holders. Out: Gates not opening until 90 Minutes before game time on every game day.

In: Grass and Sod that last througout the Baseball Season, green and lush. Out: That brown dead junk that was on the RFK Field each of the past two Septembers.

In: WASHINGTON DC HOSTING THE SEASON OPENER!!! Out: MLB putting the Nations Capitol's team on the road to start the baseball season. THIS IS AMERICA"S GAME THE LAST TIME I CHECKED.

In: Teddy is still a Loser. Out: Teddy is a Loser!! RUN!! TEDDY!! RUN!!

In: Washington Nationals Fans that support the team. Out: Anyone that lives in the DC Area that supports the O's first and foremost.

In: "Pledge Your Allegiance". Out: "Make It Your Pastime"

In: Readers & Commenters who are kind enough to continue reading the Nats320 Blog. Out: Hopefully not anytime soon.

In: Wishing YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And, it comes from the bottom of our hearts.

The African Queen and I wish all of you a SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!



Anonymous said...

I hope this season we will see:
IN: National Anthem sung with dignity and respect
OUT: OOOO say does that...
(Maybe the misplaced Oriole salute can be redirected, or die off before we move to South Cap).

Also, I think "the Chief's" note could be:
IN: Chief in his high wire act and best heart attack inducing form.
OUT: Chief before the '06 All Star break (he just wasn't right after World Baseball Classic)

Screech's Best Friend said...

Natsfan7: As far as I know The Lerners are Not Paying for Limestone--its my big hope for 2007. And, I agree that they can spend some money on some free agents without killing the long term plans. Just do it wisely.

Janet: I would love Never to hear "OOOOO" in the National Anthem in DC every again.

Anonymous said...

Troy said...

IN: The great new 2007 Section 320 Calendar!!

OUT: All of the 2006 and any other 2007 calendars!!

Screech's Best Friend said...

Troy: I can't tell you HOW MUCH Sohna and I enjoyed producing that Calendar for ALL our Section 320 Friends. It turned out sooooo much better than we ever expected. And, Management LOVED IT!!! SCREECH could not believe it!!

We are pleased that you love it. It comes from our heart. Truly.

Anonymous said...

One of the things I am hoping for...(especially since they decided to cut out the city-funded artwork) that the Lerners include a STATUE of Walter Johnson and Josh Gibson outside the main gates. It's criminal that many baseball fans do not know who these people are...

Screech's Best Friend said...

Eddie: I would love to see the Walter Johnson Statue, originally at Old Griffith Stadium, but, now sitting at Walter Johnson High School near Montgomery Mall, moved back to South Capitol Street, but also, not only a Josh Gibson Statue to commemorate Washington Baseball, but, as you mentioned before, Frank Howard's number retired during the coming season, even if only for be the GREATEST PLAYER to play everyday at RFK.

I am hopefully meeting with management soon, and this is one of the items on my agenda.

Thanks as always for your comments. Happy New Year to you.