Saturday, December 02, 2006

JosE! JOSE!! JOSE!!! JOSE!!!!--He May Come Back, Our Way!!

With all the holes Our Washington Nationals must fill to once again to be competitive on the field of Major League Baseball, it has baffled me, why Management has shown no willingness, or concern to resign the injured Jose Guillen. He's going to be cheap and looking to prove himself, once again as a force in the game.

Granted, the guy is a DIVA Outfielder, always looking for love, and if he doesn't get what he wants, can flat wail away of others. But, all of that doesn't take away from his production value. In 2005, Jose carried the team on his shoulders during the first half of that magnificent run to first place--the best record in baseball at the time. Number 6 has a terrific arm, and is an above average fielder. He also refuses to sit, when injured--directly leading to his current situation as a Free Agent.

Of course, he's also the original ringleader for all the noise and chants that have become Section 320. The games have never been quite the same without singing the "JOSE SONG"

And, now--out of nowhere, Team President, Stan Kasten and General Manager, Jim Bowden have offered Jose Guillen arbitration. All this means, if Jose were to sign elsewhere, the Nats would receive a Supplemental First Round Pick--raising the possibility that Jose will not be going to another team.

The smile across my face is broad today--hoping this scenario will come to fruition. With the Free Agency Loss of Alfonso Soriano, and the apparent unwillingness to ever give Ryan Church a real chance, we need another big bat in the lineup. Jose can provide that, if healthy, happy and playing every day.

Kory Casto may well prove to be a fine young player, but do they really have to rush him? All reports claim Casto is not a decent hitter against left handed pitching. He's never played above AA Ball, and never faced the many refined pitchers that compete in the levels above him, consistently. Let him learn and develop--properly--even as the team 4th outfielder in 2007.

Guillen's name surfaced on many other teams possible watch lists for signing, including The Baltimore Orioles, over the past week.

Jose Guillen can help our team now, and in the future. Yeah, he's like nitroglycerine, ready to explode--but, he truly loved playing here, you could see it, in his eyes, at every team event he showed up at. Popular to many fans, and beloved in Section 320.


JOSE, JOSE, JOSE, JOSE!!!--Come Back Our WAY!!

Also of note--Our Washington Nationals did not offer arbitration to Ramon Ortiz or any other of their Free Agents, beside Guillen. Meaning, no compensation will come the Nats way, if any sign with another team.

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