Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Process Has Begun

Our Washington Nationals sent out the opening salvo, to all Season Ticket Holders, their initial comments on how the re-location process will work for The New Stadium on South Capitol Street.

And, as I commented the other day in "The Pecking Order" (or just scroll down 2 stories), those ticket holders who have been with the team, since the very beginning, whether Full or Partial Season Ticket Holder, and maintained their seats since 2005--will get the first shot to pick their seats in the New Stadium.

In the letter from Team President, Stan Kasten, and an accompanying Glossy Flyer, those Inaugural Season Plan Holders that still have their seats today, will choose in the following order.

Seating Category is at the Top of the List and this Pecking Order:

1. Diamond Club
2. Field MVP
3. Field Box/Loge MVP
4. Terrace MVP (SECTION 320)
5. Terrace Box/Loge Box
6. Terrace/Lower View MVP/Loge Outfield
7. Lower View Box/Upper View MVP
8. Lower View Outfield/Upper View Box/Upper View Outfield

Going hand in hand with Seating Category: Plan Size is an important factor--Full Season Ticket Plans, 40 Game Plans, 20 Game Plans-in that order. Nothing is mentioned about whether, if you have 1 seat in your plan, or 20 seats, will that get you any more favor--just to make it clear.

The third category is "Initial Date of Purchase" When MLB was taking orders and assigning seats back in late 2004--a "TIME STAMP" was placed on each and every account that was created, and then paid. That "Time Stamp" has carried on through the first few seasons on The Nationals.

That "Time Stamp" will be "THE TIEBREAKER" in deciding the "FINAL PECKING ORDER" of the entire process.

Fans that began buying into the team with 2006 Season Ticket Plans (All of them), whether you bought a Full Season Plan or a Partial Game Plan, are behind the 2005 Inaugural Season Purchasers. So--even if someone bought Full Season Box Seats for 2006--they will not jump in front of a 40 or 20 Game Plan Ticket Holder in the Box Seats from 2005. As long as that 2005 Plan Holder maintained his account and tickets through this coming 2007 season.

Those that purchase plans starting in 2007--will choose last.


For the Re-Location, every plan holder that qualifies under the above stated rules, will be granted THE SAME NUMBER OF SEATS in the new park. If you wish to purchase additional seats, you may do so--but those new purchased seats move to the end of the line and do not have priority. Meaning, there is a possibility that your added on seats may not be alongside your current ones.

This January, Inaugural Season Ticket Holders will be the first folks contacted to gauge their interest in purchasing a Premium Suite. Then, in April--The Comprehensive Relocation Package will be sent to all Ticket Holders, including pricing, seating availability, and how to make your choice.
In May--"Premium Seating", what in entails and costs will be offered to existing season ticket holders. June & July is when we all will make our final seating choices. And, if all goes well--October will be decision time on your final location.

The updated Artist Renditions of the New Stadium are from of which were included in the Relocation Letter sent to me. I found the pictures very interesting.

Some of my initial thoughts on the drawings: If the park is completed with all the Glass as originally envisioned, it would gleam at night!!. No doubt it would look fantastic. Fairly symmetrical park--335 down the lines, 404 to center, 377 power alleys. Not alot of shade in the lower bowl to hide from during the blazing hot summers of DC. The Cherry Blossoms over the Left Field Bleachers are nothing short of Terrific. Not sure if they will ever be in bloom during the season though. Those Red Seats in Left Center look very interesting!! There must be a reason for them being a different color. The Home Run Bleachers above the IN PLAY SCOREBOARD in right center, very nice. I like the Curly W on the Grassy Knoll in Right Center. The Right Field Bullpen is going to ROAST!!! The sun will set over the 3rd baseline in the new stadium. I am very interested in knowing how many rows are there on the lower level between first and third base. In Section 320, we are 25 rows from the field, under the OVERHANG--the shade is a godsend on Hot Days and well appreciated when it rains. We would like to stay below the overhang, if possible--without moving back farther. The Two Tier Diamond Club behind HOME PLATE is going to be PRICEY!! On the rendition looking in from Center Field--I count 6 LEVELS. Those upper deck seats are WAY UP THERE!!! The two tier Club and Suite Levels puts the Upper Deck on the nose bleed/oxygen deprivation plane. How's a handicapped person getting up there? That's Steep.

Its really happening. The Washington Nationals are moving forward. Are you in for THE RIDE!!??


Anonymous said...

This is going to seem like a dumb question but in the first pic I see that huge row of stairs going all the way to the upper deck, and I began wondering---do the Nats expect everyone to walk up those steps? I hope they remember to include an escalator when this park is finished!

Screech's Best Friend said...

Yeah--I saw that too-but there would have be to escolaters as well. I just can't imagine any new stadium being built without them. The Upper Deck is High. Some folks are going to have trouble walking up there. And some elevators as well have to be included, just to comply to handicapped regulations.

Its nice to see something more substantive.

Screech's Best Friend said...

natsfan7: Yes, unfortunately, the upper decks today are WHY TOO HIGH!! Takes away alot of the enjoyment--and heads alot of folks toward just watching on TV.

Anonymous said...

hi SBF. I saw your comment on Screech;s blog. I was going to tell you about it but you all ready found.

Thanks for the link to my site and keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I refer to my Beltway Boy's comment of yesterday. SBF--You win, it was Ira Harge, one of the great sports names of the past. I will present you with the lolly pop at the beginning of baseball season, unless you will be in Viera earlier. You are off the hook on having to purchase a couple of full season ticket plans because you are already a holder. By the way, I forgot about Larry Brown being on the Caps.

Anonymous said...

As far as the height of the upper deck goes...that's the way the business works. The luxury boxes are huge money generators so there are more of them in newer ballparks, and they push the upper decks even higher. The few places where the upper deck is CLOSER to the field, you probably have to pay MORE money. So either get used to it, buy a good pair of binoculars, or check out the schedule for the P-Nats or the Baysox...

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall reading a year or so ago that the new stadium will have escalators only for those going to the luxury box level. Unless the plans have changed, it's my understanding that there will be no escalators going to the upperdeck seats.

Anonymous said...

They'll have to at least have elevators to the upper deck won't they, to make it ADA compliant? With all the lawyers in this city?

Screech's Best Friend said...

I just can't imagine not even one elevator to the top deck. The handicapped would go nuts over it!!
The lawyer truly would be all over it.

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