Thursday, December 21, 2006

Season's Greetings To Everyone Of You

Whatever you Celebrate during this time of the year, The African Queen and I would like to to wish you--A Very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, A Blessed Eid or Joyous Kwanzaa to each and everyone--including all the following:

First to Sohna, herself, my wife, who puts up with me and all my "DOING BASEBALL" things as she always says. For 21 years we've been together--its hard to believe that after all that time, she still loves me enough to also attend virtually every single Nats Home Game. Truly unbelievable, and a blessing.

Our Dearest Friends from Section 320--Mary & MickNats (No Nats Home Game is Official until MickNats takes his seat); "The Noise Boys"--NatsDelNegro (Rhythm Man Extraordinare), RallyTimeRichard (No one can Whistle Like This Man--NO ONE), SeyHeyKlib, KentuckyRob & CanadaJim (CanadaJim now living in Scottsdale, Arizona)--Andy, James, Erin & SenatorNat (The King of Wit); Troy (Sohna's Fave from Pittsburgh), MsZimmy (Come OOOOON ZIMMY!!) & JohnnyDamon; Abby, Becky & Mike; Cecilia & Mike with their youngsters, Jake & Zach; Lisa & Jeff; Libby & Steve; Ann & Steve; Karen & Aaron. We have the most fun Section at RFK Stadium--and all of you make it so very special.

Iris & Biff, Colleen & Jeff with "Curly W" their Rally Monkey--As ardent of Nats Fans as anyone else at RFK Stadium.

SCREEEEECH!! After an inauspicious start with Section 320, you are WELCOME ANYTIME! I love screaming out your name, each and everytime you come near us. Screech provides so much enjoyment in our small part of RFK--as well as, Steve (You are TOO KIND), Tom & Kenny from The NATPACK. Great guys--all. Many thanks to all The NatPack for your support and fun.

ChickenMan!!--Always twirling his be-headed rubber chicken behind the Nats 3rd Base Dugout. Its so odd, its Great!! And, I love it, as well as, my friendship with you.

My friend, Janet, who I run into constantly walking from Capitol Hill to the Capitol South Metro Stop during the baseball season. Many times, both of us are heading to RFK for the Nats Game. Early on, we both expressed our love of The Nationals. The look on your face, after telling me you read some of the Nats Blogs, and realized I was "Screech'sBestFriend"--absolutely PRICELESS. One of my favorite and finest moments of 2006.

Bryan--Kind enough to stop by and express his enjoyment of the Nats320 Blog at RFK. You were the very first person to walk up to The African Queen and I at RFK to say something kind about the blog. Sohna and I were quite pleased. We talked about it all night long.

The Racing Presidents: GW, TJ, Abe & Teddy, Especially TEDDY!! If Teddy gets anything for Christmas, it better be a treadmill and shoes. Boy, you need to lose some weight!! RUN, TEDDY, RUN!!

Knoble, Tillman, Richard and Charles--The Four Finest Ushers at RFK--truly TERRIFIC GENTLEMEN, and well liked--by many.

Gloria, from CSC Security--Helpful, Funny and Decent.

Stan Kasten, for always taking the time to stop by Section 320, chat, say hello, answer questions, solve problems from ANYONE that asks. Mr. Kasten, you may have no idea how important your visits have been, and cherished.

Mike, my Nats Ticket Rep. Always helpful, willing to work with me. Thanks for everything.

Farid--The Beltway Boy himself--You and I are kindred spirits, both for our love of Our Washington Nationals, but The Washington Senators Team we both loved to enjoy growing up in Northern Virginia in the late 1960's. We didn't know each other then, but I feel like we've known each other forever--now. And, my offer stands, if you ever make it to DC, you are welcome as our guest, in Section 320--AT ANY NATS HOME GAME.

Brandon from The Curly W Blog--Generous, willing to help a near geezer like me with some of my computer illiteracy. Help I needed to make this Nats320Blog better. I will always appreciate how you and Ben were the very first Nats Blog to recognize Nats320, leave nice comments and stop by during the last game of 2006 to say hello. It was very special.

Chris from Capitol Punishment, Harper from Oleanders & Morning Glories, Miss Chatter from Just A Nats Fan, Basil from Federal Baseball, Brian, Scott & John from The Nationals Farm Authority (your Minor League coverage is nothing short of amazing), The Trio from NatsTriplePlay and Benji from AllAboutTheNationals. I don't always agree with everything that is written, but I love reading all the posts, the commentary follow ups and, ESPECIALLY, the debates. In fact, I look forward to reading the new posts each and every day--knowing that Nats Bloggers will provide far more incite and meaningful conversation about all things Nationals--than anything the Washington Post and Washington Times can provide, just by giving their facts.

Eddie Cunningham (Great Commentor and Frequent Section 320 Guest), Phil Dunn, NatsFan7, El Gran Color Naranja (The Best User Name on the Blogs), MarioFan14, Simon Oliver Lockwood, Maestro, many others that I can't recall off the top of my head, along with about 100 others named anonymous. All the Readers and Commentors who have taken their personal time to actually read The Nats320 blog. I had no idea, when this blog started last May, just to keep me from inundating all my Section 320 Friends Email Inboxes, each and every day--that so many more would actually read my stuff, including Nats Management, apparently enjoy the posts and comment back. I can't tell you how appreciative and personally gratifying this blog has become for me. Thanks to all of you for reading.

Finally, RFK Stadium. After 45 Years, 34 without a Baseball Team, you are entering your very last season of Major League Baseball. For 2007, may you continue to provide, one last time, all the thrills of "The Greatest No Frills Park" in the game.

If I have left ANYONE OUT--call it a Near Senior Moment--it was not intentional.

Sohna and I wish all of you, All WASHINGTON NATIONALS FANS, a Safe & Happy Holiday Season!!


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for quite some time now, and have posted here several times as anonymous, as well. I'd like to wish you and Sohna a wonderful celebration of whichever holiday (if any) you honor. I'm very excited about rooting for a younger, sleeker Nationals team in the spring.

Harper said...

Usually I'd say I'd hope you'd get everything you want for Christmas, but baseball's back in DC and you've got Sohna. Based on what I've read I don't see you needing much more than that. So I'll amend my usual wishes and say I hope you have as much time with the loves of your life as possible in 2007.

jim king said...

Happy Holidays to you.

(I'm not the real Jim King #3)

Brandon said...

Happy Holidays to Screech and Sohna! It's been a great year and you've been a terrific addition to the Nats blogging community. Your site is truly a treasure. The sheer exuberant enthusiasm that comes through in each post never fails to make me smile.

I'm looking forward to catching up with you at RFK in a few months!

Anonymous said...

Happy Hoildays to all. I hope to catch some games with you guys next year.

Jim H said...

Thanks for keeping it positive...both here and in 320. Happy Holidays, and we'll see you in the section. :)

Robert said...

Great site.. good post. and happy holidays to you.. Update the blog soon it has been quite sometime you posted last..anyways do also check out My Blog on Friendship and Friendship cards.. lol.take care