Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jimbo's Got My Ire Up

I don't trust the man, never have, he's always looking to play in the show--Center Stage. Now, he's pushing for the limelight again. Jim Bowden is on the prow at The Winter Meetings in Orlando, Florida.

I couldn't sleep last night knowing that when I woke up this morning, Chad Cordero might be gone and Willy Mo Pena--a National. That trade, rumored last week, and downright hammered as a non-starter by just about everyone--is now back on the table, maybe--as part of a three way trade involving Manny Ramirez of The Red Sox and The San Francisco Giants, or another team. Jimbo can't keep away from his former Cincinnati Reds. We live in Washington, can we get a federal law enacted forming a DMZ around Cincinnati? Its getting way out of hand with Bowden.

Although, both the Washington Post and Washington Times have parts of this story today, it was Washington's lapdog, Bill Ladson, over at Nationals.com that broke the story last night, leaked to get reaction and put Bowden in the spotlight, whether its true or not.

Unless San Francisco is giving up some serious young pitching talent, in either lefthander Noah Lowry or workhorse righthander, Matt Cain--Bowden's going to go down in flames by trading Cordero.

The Chief is downright scary, at times, on the mound--but you can't say he's been unsuccessful. After a spectacular 2005, Chad struggled mightily out of the gate in 2006, as hitters became accustomed to his stuff. Yet, with the help of Pitching Coach, Randy StClaire, he recovered nicely, with only 1 blown save over the last 4 months of the season. He's only 25, he's cheap--there is no way we need Willy Mo Pena for Cordero. NO WAY!!


Obviously, Jim, you are looking for a power hitting outfielder. Don't we already have one on the team? Ryan Church with 500 At Bats would qualify for the job. GIVE HIM THE CHANCE!! Yet, you dog him at every chance. From every bit of information put out by Our Washington Nationals, we are not going to compete in 2007, at all. Why give away a talented hitter, to see him flourish somewhere else. Willy Mo Pena is a terrible outfielder. Just terrible. Church is good, although not spectacular, in the field.

I just don't understand it, Jim. We are building for the future, I am in on "THE PLAN", alot more than most (Do you read the other blogs?), and you want to trade away that future to live in your past. You now work for The Washington Nationals, its 2007---Not 1999, before The Millenium, with you on the banks of the Ohio River.

Its Time To Stop-Now!


Anonymous said...

If the Nats lose 100+ games in each of the next couple of seasons, Bowden will be the fall guy and we will be rid of his tired butt. See, there is a silver lining in the Stan the man plan.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Phil: It is interesting that Mr. Kasten has distanced himself from all personnel moves--squarely putting everything on JIMBO--that is a good sign--I agree. If he fails, makes stupid trades, he will hopefully be gone.

Anonymous said...

Great mug shot of Captain Leatherpants. He looks like he needs to join AA.