Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Pecking Order

Being a Full Time Season Ticket Holder, I get asked, alot--What's the deal with the seating arraignment for the Nats New Stadium in 2008? Who gets priority? What's The Pecking Order?

An anonymous commenter today asked: "If I go ahead and get one 20-game plan for $100 in 2007, could I move up to two, higher-quality seats in a full game plan in 2008 easily? Or would I effectively be at the back of the line?"

Since less folks might see my reply in the comment area, I am blogging about it. Here's how we understand everything will work out for Tickets and Seats on South Capitol Street. The African Queen and I sat down with 10 other Season Ticket Holders this past September, along with Stan Kasten, and his entire entourage of assistants. The Fan Forum covered alot of issues--but the overriding focus was just this question. Ticket Seat Locations in the new park--will I, or will I not, get screwed?

According to Mr. Kasten, If you are a FULL SEASON TICKET HOLDER, from the very beginning in 2005 and maintained your status--you will get to sit approximately where you do now at RFK. These are the folks who get NUMBER 1 Choice--no one is ahead of them. They are PRIORITY ONE!!

Once they are satisfied--

40 Game and 20 Game Partial Ticket Plans from 2005 that maintained their status, get to choose to stay basically where they are. But, NO ONE can upgrade to better seats until the PECKING ORDER is run through one time.

That Order will follow with 2006 Season Ticket Plans, Partial Plans, then followed by Season Ticket 2007 Plans, and partial plans. You have to remember, that, for the most part--as long as you are a Season Ticket Holder of ANY PLAN--you are going to be sitting in pretty much the exact same place on South Capitol Street as at RFK, most likely better, if you sit along the sides or way up high--more seats will be available in the lower bowl in 2008. There is currently more than enough seats for EVERYBODY--without much change.

Another very important point to consider--RFK really has NO LUXURY BOXES. None!! Many of the High & Mighty from Political Washington will not be sitting in the majority of the primo seats down low between the dugouts, anymore. They will be in the CORPORATE SUITES and THE CLUB LEVEL. That alone may open up a thousand or more seats, down low, that would, otherwise, not be available at RFK. These folks want their privacy--they are going to have it--with their private parking too--and the fans are going to benefit by sitting closer to the field--although many of these, non connected, fans will have to park much farther away--as we all know.

But, to answer the commenter's direct question about the 20 game plan--You will not be able to upgrade right away to a FULL SEASON PLAN in 2008, and jump ahead of others, just because you want a Full Season Plan and better seats. Especially if you are adding seats. At least, not until everyone from previous seasons, in the same order, as described, decide whether they want to upgrade, move or change plans.

This coming March, The Nationals are scheduling to send out a very detailed brochure with the seating arraignments for the new park--including your seats in the new park, compared to your RFK Seats. At the same time, EVERYONE will have online access to a 3D Computer Simulation, 360 Degree Views, of your seats and sightlines throughout the ballpark. Everyone will be asked what their preference is, and whether you want to stay in your current seats in relation to the new ballpark, or upgrade, depending upon availability and THE PECKING ORDER.

I know it may sound confusing, but, it does seem fair. Those fans that have been supportive since the very beginning, and hung in there, under MLB Ownership, will be rewarded. Justly so. Then everyone else comes behind.

This is how Sohna and I understand everything will work.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks so much for that post. That answers my question exactly. And it does seem more than fair.

You and the rest of the nats blogosphere are an invaluable resource. So thanks.

And let us know where the 320s will be in the new park when you find out.