Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Cincinnati Connection

Many are well aware of The Cincinnati Reds, General Manager, Wayne Krivsky, pushing ahead with a potential lawsuit against the Washington Nationals over last summer's Big Trade between the two teams. And, I am not going to rehash it here, again, other than to say Krivsky believes former National, Gary Majewski, was damaged goods, and, as such, Washington needs to send the Reds one additional player.

Surrounding all this controversy, two of Cincinnati's longest serving Front Office officials have resigned, abruptly. Both of whom worked diligently for Current Washington Nationals GM--Jim Bowden.

After 38 years with the Cincinnati club, Special Assistant to the GM, Larry Barton, Jr. retired after the conclusion of the 2006 season. Barton claiming that Krivsky never listened to ANYTHING he was ever told. Barton was vehemently against the Austin Kearns, Felipe Lopez, Ryan Wagner swap to Washington for Majewski, Bill Bray, Royce Clayton, Brendan Harris and Bill Thompson.

Now, with 17 years of service to the Reds, Player Development Director, Johnny Almaraz, got up and quit today. Also, stating Wayne Krivsky makes him totally unimportant, an ignored person in the player process.

All this from a GM--Wayne Krivsky, that says Our Washington Nationals cheated him, never spoke to him honestly, and now, wants retribution. Maybe Krivsky should have listened to the more experience men that have toiled painfully for that franchise on the Ohio River. Maybe then, all of them might not be involved in a frivolous lawsuit.

To me, its all very interesting.

Does this mean that both Barton and Almaraz are heading to Washington to work with JIMBO!!??. I respect their knowledge and work, but I hope not--I've had enough of the Cincinnati Connection. Bowden can talk with them, all he wants, to get the lowdown on Krivsky's problem though.

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Anonymous said...

The Reds franchise was almost permanently ruined by the cheapest franchise owner in the history of baseball, Marge Schott. She was even cheaper than Bob Short. One of the reasons she kept Jimbo around as GM is that she only paid him peanuts. The only thing Marge spent freely on was booze.