Saturday, December 02, 2006

All That To See Jose Go!!

ESPN is reporting that Jose Guillen has signed a One Year Contract with The Seattle Mariners for $5 million with $3 Million in incentives. Also included is a $9 Million option for 2008. Of course, everything is contingent on Guillen passing a physical on Monday. Considering how long he was suppose to be out after his elbow surgery, can he possibly pass it right now?

Oh well, I would have liked to see him back. I really feel he could have helped us. Now, the Nationals will, at least, get something out of him--a sandwich pick in the 2007 Draft, after the first round.

Maybe Jimbo knew all along what was going on--so Washington could get a freebie pick.

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Anonymous said...

*sigh* If he has to go, he has to go. I hope the Nats are able to keep Brian Zimmerman a few years from now when his contract runs out. If we do not start to make progress turning this franchise around, HE might bolt, too!

At least I do have some good news to report. Bud "Hamlet" Selig is FINALLY leaving the commissioner's office! Who do you think will replace him? I think it may be Larry Luccino but I may be wrong...

Eddie Cunningham (back from vacation, with plenty of pictures from Cooperstown!)