Monday, December 18, 2006

Finally, Its Official (& Jimbo Adds Another Pitcher)

For four days now, I have been holding my breath, looking for the OFFICIAL WORD on the Jose Vidro deal to Seattle for Outfielder, Chris Snelling and Right Handed Pitcher, Emiliano Fruto. The Official Word did not come down until late this afternoon---All because Vidro was unable to fly from Puerto Rico to Miami to take his physical last friday. The exam rescheduled for today.

You can read my original post here

During that time period, more than a few, very vocal Seattle Mariner Bloggers and Local Seattle Media panned the expected trade--many hoping the aging Vidro would fail his physical, so Seattle could nullify the trade. Its hard to understand why The Mariners traded away a potential DH with power and a upcoming hard thrower for Vidro, so Jose can be a FULL TIME DH, and backup infielder--with Seattle picking up $12 million of the $16 million owed Vidro. Very Strange.

What a relief!! Thankfully, Jose passed his physical in Miami, finishing off the deal--and allowing me to rest more easily this evening.

Reading up more on the lefty swinging Snelling--many baseball people find him to be a "hitting machine", capable of 20 home runs. Chris can go on a tear, at times, knocking base hit after base hit, but just as quickly lose his stroke at the plate. Also, he's the type of player that gives his all--which certainty accounts for his constant injury problems. Like Cardinals Centerfielder, Jim Edmonds--Snelling, 25 years old, would not think twice about running into a wall, head on, to make a catch. You have to love that attitude, though.

Other media outlets are reporting that the 22 year old Fruto may be converted to a Starting Role with The Nationals, due to his command of 3 different pitches--Fastball, Curveball and, his bread & butter pitch--Change Up. Either way, he's a decent pickup for a franchise looking for pitching talent and depth.

Its very early, but I am just happy that Washington was able to unload an aging, not in the plans, middle infielder, for 2 promising, the Number 4 (Snelling) & Number 8 (Fruto), yet, far from perfect, young prospects from the Mariners.

Today is a very good day.

No word on which current Washington National loses his spot on the 40 Man Roster to add these two players.

PS--By the way, I paid for my 2007 Full Season Tickets today, in full. I am not expecting anything decent from the FREE MP3 Player given as an incentive for paying by tomorrow, December 19th--The African Queen and I already have Video IPods, but I will take it anyway.

UPDATE: Later this afternoon, the Nationals announced the signing of Lefthanded Reliever, Ray King, to a minor league contract with an invitation to Major League Spring Training. The 31 Year old career setup/situational man has bounced around during his 8 year Major League Career. Has only recorded 2 saves in 514 career appearances, but a very respectible 3.28 ERA. Just goes to show you that, as long as you are lefthanded, you can pitch for a LONG TIME in the Major Leagues.

You watch, Ray King will make the team, be successful, and Jimbo will trade him off for a prospect or two, next July--you can bet on it.


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