Thursday, April 15, 2010

That Was A Good Ole' Fashioned Beating

Shane Victorino is standing on 3rd Base after a bases clearing triple in the bottom of the 7th inning. Our Washington Nationals are now behind 13-7 on the scoreboard to the Philadelphia Phillies. Citizens Bank Park is goings nuts over the home side continuing to dominate D.C.'s Team. And as the crowd settles down, Radio Broadcaster Dave Jageler pauses on WFED--then dryly states:

"Still, no outs."

The African Queen and I looked at each other and simultaneously said: "Thanks, Dave!" And then we laughed.

Really, that's all we could really do because Our Washington Nationals were on the backside of a good ole' fashioned beating by Philly, again. And pitching had everything to do with this latest of whippings. If Our Starter Craig Stammen's 1.1 innings of seven hit, seven run ball was not one of the worst outings of his baseball career--it had to be close. And Jason Bergmann, Sean Burnett, Brian Bruney and even "No Nonsense" Tyler Clippard, who all followed, were not sharp too. Even though Jesse English was effective on the mound for Washington--throwing 2.2 innings of four hit, no run ball--he was still hit hard.

This game got so far out of hand (it took 80 minutes to complete the first two innings), we started to wonder what effect the atmosphere of Citizens Bank Park had on Washington as a team? No question, The Phillies are a very good team with a terrific hitting lineup, but how much more intimidating are the Two-Time Defending Champions with their loud and frenzied home crowd behind them? Our Washington Nationals never look comfortable playing any baseball game in South Philadelphia. They just don't.

So much so, that when Washington scored six runs off Philadelphia's starter, Kyle Kendrick, and knocked him out of the game before the end of the second inning--you just knew this game wasn't close to being locked up. When Washington held early leads of 3-0 and 6-4, you just knew, The Phillies were coming back because no lead seems safe at Citizens Bank Park. Even with Jimmy Rollins on the disabled list and Jayson Werth nursing an injury, Philly's lineup was still too much for Washington to handle. The Phillies now having scored 45 runs in the five games played between these two teams during the first two weeks of the new season.

That's 9 runs per game. You just can't win giving up that many runs against a very good team.

Final Score From Citizens Bank Park where poor pitching by Our Washington Nationals made a significant contribution to this latest loss, but the effect of playing in South Philadelphia before another sold out and hostile crowd is immeasurable: The Philadelphia Phillies 14 and Our Washington Nationals 7. Shane Victorino knocked in five runs, Chase Utley four and Ryan Howard two, but the park factor also had an effect on D.C.'s team last evening. Washington never looks relaxed playing at Citizens Bank Park. And if these Good Ole' Fashioned Beatings are ever to go away, consistently, Washington must not only play better but take delight in shutting down Philadelphia's loud and always taunting fans.

That's the only way to change the atmosphere.

In-Game Photo--Matt Slocum (AP)

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Laurie said...

Also...Adam Dunn better step it up on hitting and fielding..or I am not so sure he should be resigned. Not showing me much so far in his contract year..just an observation.