Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brain Teaser--The Answers

UPDATE: Santiago Ramirez spent a total of five days in The Major Leagues. Frank Robinson pitched him in four ineffective games and Ramirez was never heard from again. Released one month later by Our Washington Nationals.

The challenge of today's Brain Teaser--name the 42 players that have made their Major League Debut in a Washington Nationals Uniform since 2005? Here are the answers:

There are 28 Pitchers and 14 Everyday Players that made their Big League Debut with Our Washington Nationals. For the life of me, I couldn't come up with right-handed pitcher Santiago Ramirez. And thought that Matt Cepicky was the 42nd player on my list. As it turns out, Cepicky debuted in Montreal wearing the Expos Red/White & Blue. But, give me credit, I did remember Tyrell Godwin--which I doubt many others would.

Here is the complete list of the 42 Players--by year's of each Big League Debut in a Washington Nationals Uniform--along with some brief words about each player. And many thanks to John Dever, Senior Director--Nationals Baseball Media Relations--for the confirmation:

Pitchers (28)

Jason Bergmann (Like Ryan Zimmerman and Cristian Guzman--who missed all of 2006--the only other player with Washington--at some point--for all six seasons since baseball returned to D.C. in 2005)
Darrell Rasner (released by Washington and became a starter for The New York Yankees--briefly)

Saul Rivera (the ultimate rubber arm--Frank Robinson and Manny Acta ran him out there every single day until his arm fell off)
Mike O'Connor (Starting Pitcher in the famous Zimmerman walk-off home run game against The Yankees at RFK Stadium)
Chris Schroder (Threw heat--was pretty good for a short period of time)
Bill Bray (traded to Cincinnati in the Kearns/Flop Deal)
Beltran Perez (Jumped from AA, faded fast)
Brett Campbell (just another arm for four games when Washington's bullpen had injuries)
Santiago Ramirez (couldn't remember this guy if my life depended on it)

John Lannan (11th Round 2005 Pick that developed into a team starting staple)
Matt Chico (Acquired in the Livan Hernandez deal in late 2006 from Arizona)
Joel Hanrahan (Free Agent Signee from The Los Angeles Dodgers who became "The Most Thrilling Closer In The Game--The Next Generation" before being traded to Pittsburgh in the Nyjer Morgan Trade)
Levale Speigner (Rule V Pick who pitched one tremendous game--outdueling Johan Santana & The Twins in Minnesota)
Jonathan Abaladejo (Picked up off waivers from The Pittsburgh Pirates and traded to the New York Yankees for Tyler Clippard--one of the best quiet moves of the Bowden Era)
Ross Detwiler (token appearance in Atlanta--three months after being Washington's Number 1 Pick--recovering from hip surgery)

Garrett Mock (also acquired from Arizona in the 2006 Livan Hernandez deal)
Charlie Manning (29-Year Old Rookie Lefty who actually pitched well for Washington. Lost on waivers to St. Louis when Washington tried to send him to AAA)
Steven Shell (for 39 games in 2008 was an absolute God-
send out of the bullpen. The African Queen's Southern Gentleman who was waived out of town and now pitches for Seattle's AAA club alongside Chad Cordero--was involved in a beaning incident last year when he took a hit baseball he threw in a game--right smack in the face--survived and is back pitching again as a starter)
Mike Hinckley (called up in late 2008, pitched in 15 games out of relief--never surrendered a single run. Then, was sent packing in 2009 after a poor start)
Shairon Martis (Acquired from San Francisco for Mike Stanton--pitched one fabulous complete game victory over The St.Louis Cardinals at Nationals Park in May, 2009--back in AAA ball again)
Collin Balester (2004 Expos Draft Pick who has shuttled back and forth between the Majors & Minors the past three seasons)
Marco Estrada (2005 draft pick that never really developed)

Jordan Zimmermann (Dominant 2007 2nd Round Pick who thrilled Washington Fans until a frayed elbow sent him to the surgeon. Expected return in late 2010--2011 at the latest, Future Star In The Waiting)
Craig Stammen (12th Round 2005 Pick. Lannan's Buddy. And pleasant surprise starter for Washington)
J.D. Martin (Former 1st Round Pick of The Indians who was called up in the middle of 2009. Still in Washington's Minor League System)
Victor Garate (acquired from The Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2009 deal for Ronnie Belliard)

Jesse English (Acquired off waivers from The San Francisco Giants)
Luis Atilano (acquired in 2006 from The Atlanta Braves for Daryle Ward while still recovering from Tommy John Surgery)

Everyday Players (14)

Ryan Zimmerman (Franchise Player--1st Draft Pick Ever in Washington Nationals History)
Tony Blanco (Rule V Pick that couldn't hit a curve ball. Never heard from again)
Rick Short (Fan Favorite who returned from Japan in his early 30's and thrilled fans in September of 2005)
Brandon Watson (Speedy leadoff hitter that couldn't consistently get on base--no arm in the outfield)
Tyrell Godwin (a lesser version of Watson that lasted only a handful of games)

Melvin Dorta (Infielder/utility guy that didn't stick around too long)
Brandon Harper (30-Year Old catcher that got his one and only shot to play Big League Baseball)

Jesus Flores (Rule V Pick from The New York Mets that if can stay healthy will become an All-Star Catcher)
Kory Casto (Two Time Nationals Minor League Player of The Year that never stuck with the team full-time)

Roger Bernadina (Speedy outfielder that broke his ankle in 2009 right at the point he was about to find a role in The Major Leagues. Just recalled from AAA Syracuse)
Justin Maxwell (Ultra-talented player that has yet to put it all together. Gazelle Speed and Tremendous Fielding Skills)
Luke Montz (Journeyman catcher that sulked his way out of baseball in Washington. Quit on his Harrisburg team in 2009)

Ian Desmond (Exciting young shortstop--thrilling fans at Nationals Park in 2010)
And finally, Jorge Padilla (Journeyman outfielder)

Did you attempt the challenge? How many did you get? Once I sat down to figure out the list, it took me just under 60 minutes to complete my 42 players--with one mistake--Matt Cepicky instead of Santiago Ramirez.

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