Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Friendly Confines Broadcast Booth

If you've listened to Charlie Slowes' & Dave Jageler's radio broadcasts over the past few seasons, you've heard their funny comments about the cramped Wrigley Field Broadcast Booth they share when Our Washington Nationals take on The Cubs in Chicago. Work space is not a luxury at the 97 year-old ballpark--as compared to the rather spacious broadcast facility at three year-old Nationals Park.

At Wrigley Field there is barely enough ledge room to put their computers & scorebooks. In these two pictures taken by "The Jack Of All Things" (Jack Hicks--Charlie & Dave's Engineer) last night--you can clearly see that if Dave needs to leave the broadcast booth--he must literally climb over Charlie to get to the stairs.

Jack Hicks sits above them in this very narrow broadcasting booth.

Clearly, they don't call Wrigley Field "The Friendly Confines" for nothing.

Photos by Jack Hicks--courtesy of Charlie Slowes

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VCUAlum Kyle said...

Thanks for sharing the photos SBF, pretty cool info on Wrigley!