Friday, April 16, 2010

NatsTown Promotional Items

Our Washington Nationals have released photos depicting many of the promotional items to be handed out at Nationals Park for 2010 games scheduled through July 31st. Our favorite choices include the Ryan Zimmerman & Nyjer Morgan Bobbleheads and the Patriotic Curly "W" Cap. Both bobbleheads have a limited production run of 15,000 each. Kids items are for children 12 years of age and under.

Here are the photos and giveaway dates:

April 20th--Colorado Rockies--Script NatsTown Tee

April 25th--Los Angeles Dodgers--Kids Cap

May 7th---Florida Marlins--Cooler Bag

May 9th---Florida Marlins--Water Bottle

May 20th--New York Mets--Camouflage Cap

May 22nd-Baltimore Orioles--Nationals Cap

May 23rd-Baltimore Orioles--Kids Tee Shirt

June 6th--Cincinnati Reds---Kids Batting Helmet

June 19th-Chicago White Sox--Ryan Zimmerman Bobblehead

June 20th-Chicago White Sox--Travel Mug

July 3rd--New York Mets--Patriotic Cap

July 31st-Philadelphia Phillies--Nyjer Morgan Bobblehead

All Photos Courtesy Of The Washington Nationals

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