Thursday, April 08, 2010

At Least The Cherry Blossoms Looked Spectacular

The President working overseas sent me to work overnight after last evenings game between Our Washington Nationals and The Philadelphia Phillies. Having just made it home and heading to Nationals Park for the series finale in just a few hours--time to get some rest.

But first.

Game Two of 2010 was disappointing thanks to another poor starting pitching performance--this time by Jason Marquis--and for the continuing domination of Ryan Howard socking baseball after baseball out of Washington's home ballparks. His two run homer to centerfield last night off Marquis in the 5th was his ninth hit on South Capitol Street. And 17th--including RFK Stadium--since baseball returned to D.C. in 2005.

That's a remarkable statistic for a visiting player.

Also notable--how Ian Desmond is one exciting young player. Athletic, dynamic and thrilling to watch--because you have no idea whether he's going to make a phenomenal play or boot a routine ground ball. Desmond has shown everything he can offer--both good and bad--after the first two games of the season.

Final Score from Nationals Park where At Least The Cherry Blossoms Looked Spectacular--The Philadelphia Phillies 8 and Our Washington Nationals 4.

Now, it's just time to get that rest.

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jw said...

I also attended the game, and also found it disappointing. First of all, Nats Park seemed overrun by Phillies fans. They were better behaved than the reports of Opening Day, which was a good thing. But still...

I did not renew my package this year, so I didn't have an Opening Day ticket in hand. In all honesty, after the reports on this year's Opening Day, I'm GLAD I wasn't there. In the future, I won't try to go to Opening Day unless it's clear that individual tickets for local fans aren't the lowest priority in the sales process. And it would help considerably if it were clear that the visiting team and fans are just that -- visitors. Not groups that have been invited to make Nats Park their home away from home.

Also, I commented on this last year, but "That's the way (uh huh, uh huh) I like it (uh huh, uh huh)" at the 7th inning stretch when we were down 7 to 3 ?!? No -- that wasn't the way I like it, not at the 7th inning stretch. If we played it AFTER games we have actually WON (like the fireworks have gone off and "a curly W is in the books"), it would make sense.

But when there's still a lot of baseball to be played? Where are they going? What are they doing? What are they thinking? --- Unbelievable.