Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brain Teaser

In the five plus seasons since Major League Baseball returned to Washington, D.C.--42 different players have made their Big League Debut wearing a Washington Nationals Uniform. Can you name them all--by memory--not by referencing through the many resources online and in books?

Remember, in this brain teaser, starting your Major League career wearing a Montreal Expos uniform and transferring with the team to the Nation's Capital in 2005--does not count. There are some easy names and some that are quite tough on the final list.

One name was really difficult to recall when personally taking on the challenge the other day.

Give yourself 90 minutes as a set time frame to complete the task.

The question again: Can you name the 42 players who have made their Major League Debut wearing a Washington Uniform?

The complete list for this brain teaser coming later this evening.

Now challenge yourself--don't cheat.

1 comment:

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Ryan Zimmerman
Chad Cordero
Luis Atliano