Friday, February 26, 2010

We Are Back For More Fun!!

You try traversing 12 times zones over three days--then without much sleep--get on the road for the 13-hour journey down I-95 from Alexandria, Virginia to Viera, Florida (the home office fully packed)--only to be diverted to Sea World Orlando for the Killer Whale Story?

No, it doesn't get much more hectic than that.

Nevertheless, we are back for more fun!! The African Queen and I arrived for our fourth Spring Training with Our Washington Nationals on Thursday. A little more late than planned, very tired, but ready for some baseball. We made a quick drive-by of Space Coast Stadium early yesterday evening, but way too late to see any action. Then of all things, not 10 minutes later, ran into Jesus Flores at a local store--where we all talked for a good 10 minutes.

A good chat too.

So today (Friday-February 26th) will our first day of watching the action on the practice fields in Viera. And as always, we will attempt to provide our different approach and coverage to Spring Training.

The very place where Our Washington Nationals are now stating: "We're On Our Way..."

Please check back for our usual full Nats320 coverage.

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natsfan1a said...

Have fun! My hubby and I hope to make it there some day. I'll have to derive vicarious enjoyment from the coverage for now. :-)

Craig said...

I have envy. Want a full report of Stras throwing batting practice. I'm guessing they'll be a crowd.