Friday, February 26, 2010

Fake Nats320 Twitter Account

The hatefulness of some people is beyond comprehension. Apparently, some will go out of their way to make any attempt to humiliate and make fun of all our hard work and enjoyment with Our Washington Nationals. We've always just ignored the noise as static because we enjoy each and every day of Nationals Baseball.

And we are proud of our undying efforts. There is no question many love our devotion to the team.

But today, someone has taken all the meanness way too far. Sohna and I were informed this afternoon a fake Nats320_SBF twitter account has been started in our names. Obviously, the goal of the hater(s) is to find a more public way to continue their childish, rude and immature behavior--by pretending to be us. Apparently, it's not enough for the these people to not like someone's work--there must be an attempt to destroy everything someone has accomplished.

We will not back down.

No way.

We will not let anyone take our life, our fun and our enjoyment we share together each and every day away.

That account needs to come down immediately.

The person, or persons, responsible for this fake twitter account can attempt to hide anonymously all they want. You've reached a new low in classlessness. But make no mistake about it, Sohna and I will find you and come against you and fight back to the fullest extent of the law.

This is the downside of social media when someone attempts to steal your very own identity while attempting to destroy you in the process. Decent people should not stand for this hatefulness. We hope everyone out there who appreciates and respects decency and hard work, will stand with us against this person, or persons, whom are trying to destroy our good names.


natsfan1a said...

Wow. Definitely a demonstration of the downside of virtual communications and the Internet. IMO, it's classless and cowardly to take anonymous potshots at somebody via the Web. Such impersonation goes beyond that, though. Good luck dealing with the situation.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about this. Certainly not something I would have confused with a real 320 product. Sad though. Hang in there.

Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

Looking forward to "And the [expletive] behind this" post, Jeff. It's one thing to use a screen name, natch, but it's another thing entirely to assume someone else's identity and try to mock them.

The good news is that when I went to look for the posts -- 4 minutes after this appeared in my RSS feed -- Twitter had already scrubbed them.

Oliverthecat said...

Don't let em get you down! This is a wonderful fan blog, and I appreciate all the hard work you do to put it together--the interviews, photos and commentary are tremendous. You provide information the average fan doesn't have the time to find out, and you're giving us a virtual trip to spring training. Also, during the season, you give us a sense of what it was like to be at the games we have to miss. It is great fun to share your enthusiasm for the Nats.

paul said...

Did you ever find the culprit?

Wow, a fake Twitter account. That's like being a fake fake.